Inside Kelsey Merritt’s Life As A Victoria’s Secret Model

Inside Kelsey Merritt’s Life As A Victoria’s Secret Model


It’s hard to imagine what it’s really like to be a Victoria’s Secret model. For a chance to walk the prestigious runway show, one must go through the rigorous screening process (great body, flawless skin and an amazing walk are definite pluses). That’s why the moment we heard that Kelsey Merritt will be walking in Victoria’s Secret runway show, we can’t help but be proud of her success.

As we welcome Kelsey Merritt back from New York City with the MEGA x San Mig Light homecoming party, we got a glimpse of her life as a Victoria’s Secret model. “It’s pretty insane because people now know you as a Victoria’s Secret girl. And I’m still starting to get used to it because it has always been my dream. But now, it’s actually a reality,” Kelsey shared to MEGA. “I now have a bunch of girls that I get to share this with—girls that are beautiful in-and-out. And I just feel like I literally have a sisterhood.”

When the time came for her to dominate the runway, Kelsey explained “I was thinking ‘I can’t believe this is happening and this is just the beginning.’ At that moment, I felt something that a lot of people would feel like if they won something. It’s in that moment that you feel like your life is changed.”

Even if there were a lot of lights and cameras that might make her nervous and distract her, Kelsey still managed to impeccably interact with the crowd.  “All I was thinking was do your best, have fun, look at the cameras, interact with the audience, models, and singers, and just have a blast. It all happened so quick that I just got to enjoy that moment while I was at the stage,” she said.

Life After The Show

It’s without a doubt that being a model for the luxury lingerie brand entails a glamorous life. However, there is still an underlying question: “How do you achieve that body?”

Inside Kelsey Merritt's Life As A Victoria's Secret Model

Believe it or not, Kelsey reasoned that she doesn’t have any diet plan. “I’d like to call it a healthy lifestyle because I don’t follow anything. When I go outside and eat out I would opt for like a fish or a salad. I would stay away from cheese, pasta, and red meat.”

Part of her healthy lifestyle that helps her stay fit is to work out (which also helps her tone her body)—from doing Pilates, boxing, strength training, cycling, to running on the treadmill. With a packed schedule, she shared that she would do at least 30 minutes on the treadmill.

“I try to go every single day. No excuses. The only time that I will not go is if I’m really really sore that I literally cannot walk, or I’m so tired that I can’t go. So if those two are not in the situation then I will go,” she explained.

Inside Kelsey Merritt's Life As A Victoria's Secret Model

As Kelsey Merritt’s life changed after the show, we won’t be surprised if in a matter of months she’ll already be walking for various storied fashion houses. According to Kelsey, her next goal now is to keep on doing more firsts. “I want to tick-off a lot of firsts. We don’t know what it is, but I wanna keep on doing it. And I’d love to do a Vogue cover because it’s up there just like Victoria’s Secret. [After all,] you just have to believe in yourself.”

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