These Trends Over The Decades Are Making A Strong Comeback In High Fashion

These Trends Over The Decades Are Making A Strong Comeback In High Fashion


It can be said that fashion is the truest form of self-expression. Hence, rich and perpetually influencing trends that define eras are formed throughout different periods in time.

Nowadays, we can see the strong resurgence of yesterday’s fashion around the streets and various runways. From fanny packs, gladiator sandals, windbreakers, or knee-high boots, these pieces of clothing are everywhere. But, how did they get here in the first place?

Decade dressing and their new renditions:

Tuning decades back to the 60s, Nancy Sinatra’s hit song These Boots Are Made for Walking, as well as the popularity of the Go-Go dancers together with their flashing fierce outfits, made the emergence of knee-high boots to rise to fame possible. Though it may be quite hot here in our country, we are sure to catch bold fashionistas around BGC, walking around in these vintage babies.

In the 70s, women laced up their gladiator sandals as they went about their daily routines. It is no doubt that they felt a sense of power while wearing them, considering the fact that such footwear was worn by the Greek gods. This idea was further elevated as the era played a big part in the feminist movement. In today’s fashion, gladiator sandals are still relevant, prominently seen in Longchamp’s Spring 2019 show during
New York Fashion Week.

Fast forward to the 80s, Jennifer Moore, a fashion historian, explains that by this era, “We saw the first wave of athleisure dressing, where things invented for the gym make its way to the streets.” Fanny packs especially stole the limelight, being hailed as the “Hottest Product of the Year,” appearing even on high fashion brands like Chanel. That is until it was overused by dads in beaches and companies using it for giveaways. Yet today, it has made quite a big comeback in both the streetwear and runway scenes.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the 90s: an era which gave way for the timeless windbreakers we all know and love. These lightweight, retro-style jackets were the true bad boys of the 90s that made a grand resurgence in the trends of today. From Instagram models and influencers to designers and celebrities, these outerwears are sported as the truest statement of athleisure.

As time goes by, we continue to show our love for celebrating the trends of yesteryears. But no matter the era, decade, or even century, fashion is, and will always remain to be a safe place for everyone to express themselves.

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