Denden Lazaro On Why Volleyball Is A Game For Perfectionists

Denden Lazaro On Why Volleyball Is A Game For Perfectionists


“Actually, I never thought na aabot ako sa ganitong position in life, where I’m able to influence a lot of people, especially young girls,” Denden Lazaro shares as she looks back on her career. “When I was young, I never expected to be a volleyball player because it wasn’t like basketball, where they got a lot of attention and support.”

One shouldn’t let Denden’s sweet exterior fool you—now that things have turned around, the former Ateneo Lady Eagle is determined to make a mark in the national team. “Sobrang laki ang responsibility mo once you’re in the national team,” she starts, eyes ablaze with passion. “It’s tiring, yes, but it’s worth it. You’re not doing it for yourself, but for the country. And ngayon lang ulit naging serious ang national team because for the past couple of years, it was gone. Now, we’re also working para matuloy yung program for future generations.”

The athlete, who has been training practically every day for the Asian Games since being a part of the team, is excited to be working with new faces. “Getting out of your comfort zone is where you grow,” she says, adding that she knows she will learn even more new things from her new coaches. She also says that working with her team has been exciting since day one: “We’re all on the same page, where we want to improve and help each other. We’re all good friends off the court, too.”

While she certainly is proud of her achievements, Denden is quick to one of the dangers of being too confident with yourself and your skills. “Never settle with the mentality where you’re always telling yourself ‘I’m the best,’” she starts. “Always think of what you have to improve. You have to keep striving to do more because for me, volleyball is a game for perfectionists. Everything has to be on point all the time.”

Sleeveless coat, lace top and matching trousers with zip detail, tie-up belt (used as scarf) all by Liza Padilla
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