Denim Classics that Never Go Out of Style

Denim Classics that Never Go Out of Style


First introduced in the 1800s, jeans have proven itself as a fashion classic. Our favorite denim pieces have been redesigned repeatedly to suit the needs of the times, evolving across classes and through fashion eras. Now, there are numerous styles, cuts, and washes that will undoubtedly go well with any outfit.
Promod, a brand known for their accessible and appropriate style, releases a line of jeans to jumpstart the autumn-winter season. The collection presents five styles with traditional cuts that have become a staple in every girl’s closet. While classics are revamped with new washes and intricate details, the lineup also includes new embroidered jeans as well as straight, flares, and mom cuts.

1. Skinny Jeans

The skinny cut has been taking the fashion industry by storm thanks to its versatile but always-appropriate look. Promod’s straightforward rendition gives a lean and leggy silhouette that not only accentuates shape but also adds some masculinity.
Style tip: Tuck your blouse in. Whatever top you choose to go with, tucking it into your skinny gives the impression that you put in effort in choosing your outfit.

2. Bootcut

The bootcut style has been a fashion staple since the ‘60s. It carries a very feminine and carefree feel that gives the wearer a sophisticated look. Defined by a figure-flattering cut and flared design, these denim jeans make for an excellent fit on everybody. Match them with chunky heels or boots for a throwback look.
Style tip: Pair them with a statement piece. The bootcut looks great with loud pieces that complement its simplicity. Go with an embroidered top or a bag in a bold color to go with your jeans!

3. Push-Up, Skinny, Mid-Rise Jeans

Push-up cuts have become a staple because it does wonders in enhancing your curves! The Ernest shapes the buttocks and highlights the waist so you can show off that figure. Sculpting your body for a flattering fit, it becomes a go-to pair for a night out.
Style tip: Complement them with a statement top. Go with a top with prints and details for these jeans. Since this looks elegant but not-too-formal, wear this power pair on any occasion.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend or no boyfriend, these pants have definitely made their way into your closet. The loose-fitting jeans are an homage to the originally designed jeans from the 1800’s. They are now known for giving its wearer a laid back look.
Style tip: Wear it with classic heels. Style your Boyfriend jeans with a classic pair of heels for a dressed-down look that’s ready for whatever the day has in store!

5. High-Waist, Skinny Jeans

High-waisted jeans have become a fashion classic because they look great on everyone. Their flattering style, which exudes a modern feel, make the legs look longer while still maximizing the waistline.
Style tip: Don them with a trendy top. Take advantage of the versatility of these jeans by wearing them with that trendy top you’ve wanted to experiment with! Go for a simple button-down shirt or even a cropped top with your denim for that feminine look.
Get your PROMOD jeans for buy one, get one at 50% off when you shop on August 31-September 17, 2107. For more information visit the Promod website or the Promod Facebook page.

Words by Mara Madrid | Art by Josh Argosino

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