Only If You Absolutely Must Go To The Mall, Take Note Of This Department Store’s Safety Procedures

Only If You Absolutely Must Go To The Mall, Take Note Of This Department Store’s Safety Procedures


After permitting more businesses to operate during General Community Quarantine (GCQ), Rustan’s re-opens today and mall goers may have other agenda now aside from picking up some essentials. 

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The case is—you can always keep yourself clean and sanitized with alcohol and face masks, but you can hardly make sure whether the place you’re going to went through proper disinfection or not. As Rustan’s re-opens today, they are putting comfort and safety as their number one priority, making it fun and worthwhile, but most importantly, safe for Filipino shoppers. In order to ease the worries of people who wish to shop their non-food essentials, employees and shoppers will now follow a strict implementation of guidelines.

Beginning with the safety protocols of the dedicated team that welcomes you when you shop at Rustan’s, this familiar space guarantees shoppers with comforting safe ambiance. Prior to the re-opening of Rustan’s, those working at the forefront have undergone rapid testing and will be required to change into a clean set of clothes and shoes upon entering the store premises. Intensive cleaning and disinfection of air condition ducts, moving rails of escalator, door knobs, and elevator buttons will be done regularly.

As we keep in mind each other’s safety, shoppers shall comply to the rules, too. From entering the mall to using public bathrooms, fitting clothes to trying on shoes, each shopping activity will not be the same as how we used to. For a more expedient shopping experience, here are all the specific protocols that everyone has to follow. And if you feel like doing your own way, we suggest you continue staying at home.

Similar to road checkpoints and other establishments, your temperature will be checked. If the temperature appears to be above 37.7C, the customer will be advised to go home or visit a physician. Everyone has to step on the disinfectant floor before entering as well.

Installed at the entrance areas are hand sanitizers with automatic hand sensors to prevent repetitive touches and electric fans for added protection. Rustan’s will dutifully provide one face mask for customer without face mask upon entry.

In observance of physical distancing, everyone has to be at least 3 ft. away from each other and stand on distancing marks. This goes the same for the marked escalator. Each should stand five steps apart when using the escalator. Since elevator has a high chance of getting crowded, the load is limited to four passengers at a time, facing opposite directions.


Fitting rooms will be disinfected after every use. After using the fitting room, the fitted/worn apparel goes to the “For Sanitation” box. After 24 hours, all fitted clothes will be steamed before returning to its proper racks.

Unfortunately, testers and sample products are no longer allowed. For the new normal, you will have to solely depend on makeup and skincare reviews or what your dermatologist tells you.

As for shoe brands, their store associates will provide you with ankle socks before fitting the shoes.

Sneeze guards are installed at POS cashier areas. As for payments, Rustan’s encourage contactless payment using Scan-To-Pay and Tap-and-Go manner of payments. Cash and credit card payments shall be placed on the money tray. Every card used after each transaction will be spritzed with alcohol and dried with cloth before returning to the cardholder. Lastly, similar sanitation procedure will take place for purchased items.

Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La will be open daily starting today from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Alabang from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Meanwhile, Rustan’s Gateway and Cebu will open on June 12 with daily operating hours of 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. For more information about Rustan’s safety procedures and latest promos, visit their website or check their Instagram and Facebook @rustansph

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