Exclusive! Derek Ramsay Is In A Relationship

Exclusive! Derek Ramsay Is In A Relationship


Has the ultimate leading man met his final leading lady?

This is not about what Derek Ramsay is like when he’s in a relationship—this is about Derek’s new relationship. And hopefully his last.

You see, in the 15 years I’ve known the guy, he’s never been single… for long.

He’s just a guy who loves love, loves to be in love and is always in love. And beneath the tough, rock-solid exterior actually lies a very soft-hearted, hopeless romantic. Terrible really. But Derek just cannot live without love. He needs it.

“I’m a hopeless romantic,” this much he admits.

So naturally, my first question to him was a very direct “Are you and her together?”

To which he readily says, “Yes.”

I hadn’t even taken a seat yet. I was only just approaching him.

Then we do the shoot, wrap up and then we sit down and I ask, “Do you want to get married?”

Derek Ramsey New Relationship

To which he answers:

“Most definitely. I want what my parents have. They’ve been married close to 50 years, you know, ups and downs. But at the end of the day, they are still together. They love each other very, very much. And I see that everyday. So I want that.”

“What I don’t understand is the bashing, and there’s a line in one of my movies. I think it was One More Chance, that said ‘Ang lalaking hindi magse- settle down.’ They think that’s really me,” Derek quickly adds.

Yes, Derek Ramsey gets bashed for his breakups. It’s bad enough that he has to go through heartbreak, but to be labeled as someone who will never marry is hurtful to him because it’s simply not true.

Derek Ramsey New Relationship

“I don’t understand. If that was the case, then why would I be in relationships? These relationships are stepping stones to define that person who you’re going to be with. I’m not using these women. I get into a commitment with them because I think they have the qualities I want in a woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“But sometimes people clash and you only get to see that side through time. And that’s what’s happened with me. And I don’t want to jump into something that’s supposed to be infinite. No excuses. You can’t just go and get yourself annulled or get divorced. I believe that marriage is infinite.

Through the years I’ve known him, every time I hear of a breakup, he’s always painted as the bad guy.

“People always think of me na, if I end the relationship, it’s like I’m just this bad person that doesn’t want love, that doesn’t want to be loved,” Derek confesses.

But Derek just takes it. Not once did he share his side of any breakup. For him, every time a relationship ends, his silence is his way of showing respect to the girl and honoring their relationship.

“Babae kalaban mo, babae katapat mo. I grew up with three sisters. (My younger brother came years after pa but I grew up with my sisters.) My dad would only lay a finger on me. I know he would never hit me, but if I touched any of my sisters in a fight, I would get it, I know.”

“So I’m the same way in all of my relationships. You’ll never hear me abusing any of them. Kaya nakakatawa nga yung mga ibang basher na sinasabi wala akong respeto sa babae when I give so much respect to women it gets me into trouble.”

At 44, Derek Ramsey has a stable career, dubbed as “The Ultimate Leading Man,” a small fleet of luxury cars, two islands in Palawan, a property in Tagaytay and a 1000 square-foot mansion in the South he quietly moved into at the height of the lockdown. He is already made and ready to settle down. The only thing that is lacking is the woman to settle down with in the home he built through years of hard work. It is in his new home that he had his last breakup, and it is also in his new home that he found love again.

“It seems like I’m always with someone because when I’m not with someone, tahimik lang ako. And when I’m with someone, I’m proud, so biglang, everyone knows everything about my relationships. But they don’t know that there is a gap.”

“I don’t just jump into another one. I know, we’re all meant to love. And we were all built to love and you’re supposed to move on. You’re supposed to get all that. Put those things aside, store it in your heart and go back out there. And don’t be afraid to love again, because you will.”

“And I guess people think that I jump from one relationship to the next. While there have been some, most of them did have a gap. And when there’s a gap, I’m just quiet. But when I do get into it, I’m proud. And I tell the world that I’m proud to be with this person.”

And this is where Derek is right now, proudly telling me about this new person, this new relationship. “She completely blindsided me and everything is just happening so fast, but it feels so right. Everything feels so good,” he muses.

But before I go there, in order to understand this new relationship, Derek talks, exclusively, and for the very first time, about his past relationships. All of which were very serious and quite important to him.

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