Designer Anthony Ramirez’s 15th Anniversary Collection is a Symphony of Feelings

Designer Anthony Ramirez’s 15th Anniversary Collection is a Symphony of Feelings


Anthony Ramirez highlights the art of craftsmanship in his 15th-anniversary collection, Symphony of Feelings

From self-taught beginnings to self-made success, Anthony Ramirez embarked on his journey fueled by a curiosity for fashion and an inherent creative spark. For over 15 years in the industry, he dedicated countless hours to working in the ateliers of seasoned designers, absorbing the entire creative process. The fruits of his labor are evident in the exceptional quality of his creations and the recognition they’ve garnered, not to mention his distinguished clientele—all living testimony to his artistry.

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Jo Ann Bitagcol Anthony Ramirez
The eyes of the dress is held together by a beaded piece that elegantly hangs around Jo Ann Bitangcol’s neck

The designer made a comeback to the fashion arena, debuting his Spring-Summer 2024 collection named Symphony of Feelings. The choice of Quezon City as the venue was an appropriate match for his show. It transformed a backyard into a verdant expanse that was both exciting and inviting. The serene and lush greenery generated a sense of pure intrigue. The central pool underwent a transformation, becoming a pond, with nature’s effect taking place. It was almost as though the audience had been transported to a place with an abundance of heart and soul. In reality, they had—it was Ramirez’s ancestral residence.

Anthony Ramirez Symphony of Feelings gown
A textured drop-waist dress from the collection

Featuring 30 looks, the collection spoke volumes about the designer’s deep-seated passion for fashion and unwavering commitment to the creative process. What becomes evident in his transformation as a designer is the profound influence of his life experiences and the emotional spectrum that molds his design aesthetics. 

Throughout his career, personal encounters and the ebbs and flows of emotion have consistently played a pivotal role in shaping his creative journey. By channeling these emotions into his designs, Ramirez embarks on a path of self-discovery, wherein every creation becomes a vivid reflection of his innermost thoughts. His love for the craft radiates through every thread and every contour of his work. This fervent devotion to fashion fuels his perpetual growth and evolution as a designer, marking an ever-evolving trajectory in his artistry.

Symphony of Feelings gown models
Models get ready to walk at the 15th anniversary show

In the wake of this, the runway showcased an elegant procession of creations that lovingly embraced the diverse feminine forms, paying homage to a variety of body shapes and fashion eras.

The fabrics unfurled a rich mosaic of opulent silk, lustrous satin, flowing crepe, and beautiful velvet. The color palette painted a vivid spectrum, ranging from timeless black and earthy brown to pristine white and resplendent jewel-like hues. The collection featured a tantalizing medley of styles, ranging from sleek, tailored blazers to alluring, daring necklines, and even the audacious allure of sheer bodysuits. Yet, the crown jewel was unquestionably the showstopper: a diamond-bedecked brassiere worth a staggering PHP 20 million pesos, a collaborative masterpiece with Viera Jewelry that left the audience bedazzled.

The high-neck dress gathers in ruches, forming a diamond shape that gracefully tapers down to embrace the waistline

Behind the scenes, Ramirez collaborated with a team of professionals to bring his vision to life. Directed by Jackie Aquino, styled by Perry Tabora, and supported by makeup artists Jelly Eugenio, Anthea Bueno, Mark Qua, Mickey See, and Omar Emita, and hair stylists Aries Manal and Renz Pangilinan, this collective effort created this fashion display.

Anthony Ramirez PHP 20 million diamond-encrusted bra Viera Jewelry
The diamond-encrusted bra worth PHP 20 million

The allure of the novelty frequently eclipses the embrace of tradition. Fashion, in its essence, can be a timeless bridge connecting generations, transports eras of bygones and tomorrows, transcending ages. Yet, Anthony Ramirez’s show serves as a poignant reminder that the archives of history often harbor treasures worth revering.  

Photography GAIL GERIANE, assisted by MAGNOLIA ESCOBAR

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