Designer Spotlight: Cheetah Rivera On Her Vision For Fashion Inclusivity

Designer Spotlight: Cheetah Rivera On Her Vision For Fashion Inclusivity


On the last day of MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019, Cheetah Rivera, in collaboration with L’Oréal Professionnel, will be showing the multifarious possibilities of dressing up.

Take it from Cheetah Rivera, who isn’t afraid to explore questions of fashion and the complexities of gender identity, to produce revolutionary pieces for every and all women to enjoy.

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Known for her designs that have a distinct female allure, Cheetah’s aesthetic purposely pulsates vibrant energy so women can feel the comfort of wearing her pieces. The range of her designs are limitless, from edgy to elegant, sophisticated to sexy–there’s a never-ending spectrum which she pledges to take on.

“My brand has always been dedicated to cater to different women,” Cheetah shares to MEGA. “I want my ladies to feel comfortable and elegant, fierce but restrained.”

In her quest to promote fashion for all, Cheetah also tells MEGA how excited she is to be launching her first menswear collection. “I didn’t realize that designing menswear could be fun,” she shares.

There are lots of interesting things to anticipate for Cheetah’s show, like how the contrast of electrifying hairstyles prepared by L’Oréal Professionnel will come together with the designs Cheetah has envisioned. With this collaboration, she is confident that the best hair professionals from L’Oréal Professionnel would reflect her inclusive attitude about fashion.

Catch her Holiday 2019 debut live on our Instagram @mega_megazine and stay tuned for Cheetah Rivera’s runway review!

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