Designer Spotlight: Yes, Noel Crisostomo Is Back In Fine, Fighting Form—As He Always Was

Designer Spotlight: Yes, Noel Crisostomo Is Back In Fine, Fighting Form—As He Always Was


From quiet murmurs to a loud and proud conversation, Noel Crisostomo shows us why his voice is necessary in the every dynamic landscape of Philippine fashion with his return to the runway through MEGA Fashion Week.

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A full day before his MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019, his reacquaintance with the limelight so to speak, Noel Crisostomo is giving us a sneak peek into his collection with an image that quite literally paints a paragraph of words without even so much as a breadth of exposition. “Been working on this show for a while now,” he says, with sketches and swatches insulating what is understandably pre-show jitters. “I call her Loulou. See you at the show.”

With a reputation that precedes him, one that is hinged on precise tailoring and a predilection for the architectural, Noel Crisostomo is a name forever etched in the history of Philippine fashion. An arbitrator of many linkages, the classic and the contemporary, the logical and romantic, as well as of the global and local, he definitely brings a fully realized narrative to every piece, every curation, and every collection he affixes his name to. And with that comes an exacting quality that sees no puckering, no wayward concept, and no loose thread. When it comes to Noel Crisostomo, you will not only expect, but you will get something careful, deliberate, and well-thought out.

This doesn’t mean to say that he is replete of personality and perhaps even a necessary pomp, as his works are always finished with a sense of joy that makes you feel infinitely better. Bursting from his seams are passion and purpose that makes it necessary, even just to interface with. From the likes of Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, Megan Young, and Sharon Cuneta, there is an unerring hem of grace that runs through his creations, bringing the woman up to what she is naturally meant to be, powerful.

The same energy is set to take over the runways of MEGA Fashion Week, his first full-on collection and presentation in a span of time that is regarded as too long. A welcome return to the forefront of the fashion pantheon, Noel Crisostomo is raring to tell his story, this time with a spirit that is fuller with life. From opulent fabrications, splashes of color, meticulous detailing, and overriding sense of joy, this stands to be a comeback we cannot wait to see unravel and draw hearts on, because we already know we will love it—and so will you.

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