Dewy or Matte: Which Skin Finish Should You Rock This Rainy Season?

Dewy or Matte: Which Skin Finish Should You Rock This Rainy Season?


We are here to help you choose the perfect skin finish that would best work in the cold, rainy season.

There is a constant battle in all of us. The decision to go matte or dewy just gets tougher every single time. With the unpredictable weather, there isn’t a skin finish that seems perfect for your everyday makeup look. So we gathered all the best beauty inspos to help you decide if you should go with a powder finish or natural glow.
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There’s one trick you should remember in choosing a finish. It doesn’t always depend on the weather though hot, humid weather isn’t always best for a dewy look. What you should depend it on is your skin type. Here’s our guide in choosing between matte and dewy finish:

Matte Finish

If your skin type is on the oily side, it’s best to go matte. But don’t worry about looking all plain and dry. Some shimmer on the eyeshadow or lips will do the trick. It will give your face more dimensions and the glow you never thought you needed.

Dewy Finish

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This fresh finish has been a trend for quite a while now. It brings a youthful glow to anyone who wears it. It’s highly reflective of light and gives a moisturized feel, too! So don’t go overboard with the shimmer you put on your skin. Give natural or matte touches to other features such as the eyes and lips!

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