Diamonds are a Girl’s Best… Investment? Ivana Alawi Shows the Brilliance Behind LVNA

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best… Investment? Ivana Alawi Shows the Brilliance Behind LVNA


Turn to investing in something you can see, hold, wear, and store for safekeeping, such as a LVNA piece

In the midst of global lockdowns mid last year due to the pandemic, talks about investments have skyrocketed. In fact, a Forbes article written during those months shared tips on how to invest during these times. His number one advice: consider precious materials. Gold, silver, and diamonds are among the best assets to invest in during times of instability and uncertainty. Since the beginning of the viral outbreak, the price of these materials have held its value exceptionally well compared to the fluctuating stock market. Unsurprisingly, proprietor for LVNA Jewelry Drake Dustin Ibay and the dazzling Ivana Alawi share this same mindset.

Ivana Alawi sporting a brilliant LVNA piece around her neck

LVNA is the embodiment of a passion for collecting crystals and creating high-quality jewelry pieces. Housing meticulously curated artisanal jewelry designs, and carrying only 100% genuine, earth-mined diamonds, LVNA never fails to amaze. Not only do these divine pieces make eyebrow-raising statement pieces for any look, but they are also timeless pieces that become well worth the investment. They either appreciate in value given the market’s trend, or become priceless heirlooms for your future loved ones.

“Ivana is all about investing through our pieces. Her favorites are the ones that really hold value,” says Drake as he talks about Ivana’s LVNA favorites. In the fields of online content creation, acting, and musical artistry, Ivana remains an internet sensation through her fine brilliance and dedication to her craft. She constantly invests in herself, enriching her character as she produces content that is authentic and pure. Now, she’s investing in the resplendent gems of LVNA.

LVNA showcases the 8ct Diamond Ring Gem of Ivana

As Drake mentions, “LVNA and Ivana is a match made in heaven. Our values are the same. Ivana always aspires to enrich the lives of others and it inspires LVNA to do the same.” This partnership gave birth to the stunning Gem of Ivana, an 8ct Diamond Ring fitted with accent stones around the band and topped with a glistening center diamond embraced by its six prongs. 

More than just a self birthday gift by Ivana, this is also a valuable investment for the future. How could it not–this magnificent pièce de résistance is unlike any other. Brilliant in every cut, both stunning in sight and classy in style. That’s the standard LVNA employs in every piece. With high-grade natural diamonds and true gold for the carefully-crafted jewelries, your investment won’t simply lose its luster. 

Place your money in the safest and most valuable investments, such as gold and diamonds. Get a LVNA piece for you today by visiting their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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