Did 2018 Netflix KDrama ‘My Secret Terrius’ Predict Coronavirus?

Did 2018 Netflix KDrama ‘My Secret Terrius’ Predict Coronavirus?


We’re not exaggerating when we say we were all in shock after watching the episode. 

The Korean Drama My Secret, Terrius has left many Netflix viewers stunned after watching (or rewatching) it. That’s because the 2018 rom-com series produced by the streaming service company may have predicted the coronavirus two years ago.


In episode 10 of the Netflix series, a doctor is shown explaining that there has been a mutant coronavirus that developed. “What’s more serious is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days,” the doctor adds. And this is actually the case of how long a person might learn if s/he has the symptoms of the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 after exposure, which health authorities have based on the MERS-CoV in 2015.

There are several types of coronavirus, such as the SARS, MERS, and now, the global pandemic due to COVID-19. Every coronavirus attacks the respiratory system per se as they all fall in the same family with the same gene information.

However, what differs from the novel coronavirus from that of the MERS is the former is more aggressive than the latter. In the series, it was said that there this mutant virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within a few minutes. On the other hand, in real life, this is somewhat the same, because the MERS-CoV did not easily pass from person to person, unlike the COVID-19.

“During the 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality rate was over 20 percent,” the doctor in the series adds. “[But] someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90 percent.” Hence, the strain of coronavirus mutated was developed to be used as a weapon in the Kdrama. Of course, the current strain doesn’t have a mortality rate of 90 percent—thankfully.

My Secret Terrius netflix

While there’s no official account on specifically how the novel coronavirus really started before it rapidly spread today, there was one theory spreading (as rumors) that the COVID-19 is part of biochemical warfare of big nation-states. And this Netflix series may have just predicted that.

As the plot continues, we see another familiar scenario in the series that’s reflective of our current state now. And that’s the government health secretary teaching the public, especially the young ones, the proper way of washing their hands, which the World Health Organization has called the “Safe Hands Challenge.

All things considered, everything that was tackled in the Netflix series is purely fictional. But what’s intriguing about My Secret, Terrius is it may have been an omen of what would transpire in the world two years later it aired.

Want to see it for yourself? Watch My Secret, Terrius on Netflix. Head on to Season 1, Episode 10, and skip to 53 minutes.

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