Here Are Effective Ways You Can Help During Typhoon Season In The Philippines

Here Are Effective Ways You Can Help During Typhoon Season In The Philippines


During times of calamity, we should be there for one another. Here are the effective and efficient ways you can help out.

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The blow by blow of typhoons this season has caused mass destruction in different parts of the Philippines. Typhoon Ulysses and Typhoon Goni have proven to be the fuel to the fire of disasters in the year 2020. Many homes have been destroyed, many families have been left out on the wet cold, and many lives have been lost. In addition to this, the ongoing pandemic has made the situation ten times worse with all the necessary precautions placed in aiding and rescuing victims of the typhoons. During these troubling times, we urge all those in a comfortable position to reach out and help our kababayan. Here are five ways you can help out when and where you can.
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Skip the deliveries
Our lifestyles have drastically changed during lockdown. We now heavily rely on deliveries to operate properly. Whether it be to order take out or to receive your 11.11 budol items, we urge you to reschedule the deliveries for the safety of the delivery men and women. In the case wherein a delivery is absolutely necessary, don’t forget to stay patient and tip generously. Remember, those in the delivery services are risking their lives to work for their families.
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Check on your friends and relatives
Some areas around the Philippines have it worse than we do. If you have any friends or family who are currently residing in places that have been hit badly by the typhoon, then give them a call and reach out. If they are prepaid subscribers, then send them mobile load that they can use in case of emergencies.
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Be understanding at work or online class
You can only know so much about the people you work with. As far as we’re concerned, we may never know what a person is going through during these troubling times. That’s why it’s important to keep understanding in mind, when dealing with your co-workers or classmates today. Some institutions and companies did not cease operations for the day, so to those who are working despite the circumstances: we salute you. 
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Participate in community drives or start your own
From the get go, you’ll see many drives you can donate to online. If you could save up to donate, that would be great. But, if you would like to personally help out your community, then that would also be amazing. You’d be surprised that each barangay has their own way of addressing the natural disasters that play out in their area. You can check out their Facebook group for announcements on volunteer work or a call for donations.

If you’d like to start up your own drive, then it’s easier than you think. You would just need to identify the form of help you’d be willing to provide and find a beneficiary around your community for it. Drives could be in the form of raising cash, distributing food, donating clothes, and so much more.

Use your online platform to spread the emergency hotline numbers
You will never know who’s going to need the emergency hotline numbers, so it would be best if we could use our platforms (big or small) to share them. For your own safety, we strongly advise that you keep these numbers on your phone or print out a copy just in case the situation gets worse in your area. 

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