Dimples Romana: “The beauty of my journey is that it was never rushed”

Dimples Romana: “The beauty of my journey is that it was never rushed”


This is an excerpt from MEGA Entertainment’s November 2023 cover story

In a league of her own, award-winning actress Dimples Romana tells us why every moment is your time to shine

You might as well call her “Dimples of all trades.” A mother of three, a wife, an award-winning actress, philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, and soon, television host, Dimples is one of the few people in the industry that young actors and actresses genuinely look up to. 

MEGA Entertainment Dimples Romana

You can also call Dimples Romana a mentor. I remember talking to young actress Andrea Brillantes about investments and major life decisions, and she says she would even call her Ate Dimples to ask for advice about these matters. Dimples and Andrea worked together in the hit TV series Kadenang Ginto (2018-2020).

MEGA Entertainment November 2023
Red dress by AJ JAVIER

This month, MEGA Entertainment engages in a lively conversation with Dimples and felt her authentic and original energy. We also see first-hand the beauty she blesses the Philippine entertainment with and are reminded why everyone loves her. 

Talking to Dimples and knowing about how she is as a mother to children from three generations, while acting, taking care of her businesses, etc., just leaves me in awe because she remains calm through it all. During this shoot in Quezon City, she was out and about, talking to at least three different people on her mobile, yet she managed to retain her infectious smile that brightens up the room.

When I finally had the chance to sit down with her, she was more than accommodating, and she immediately put her focus on our talk, as if there was no work in queue for her. 

MEGA Entertainment Dimples Romana
Serpenti necklace by BULGARI

Dimples Romana credits her craft for most of her life skills. She has been in the industry now for almost a quarter of a century, and it just keeps getting better. “The best part about being an actress is that we are able to express ourselves,” she says.

Through those years, she used her craft the best way she could to become successful. Her good relationships in the business could also be attributed to her imparting lessons about life, especially to the younger ones—and, sometimes, it comes so naturally that she’s not even intentionally doing it. 

Dimples shares, “The beauty of my journey is that it was never rushed. Iyan ang lagi kong sinasabi sa mga bata: na minsan madali talagang magmadali, na sa mundo natin ngayon, lahat ay instant, at lahat ng gusto mo kailangan mabilis kasi kailangan up-to-date ka para hindi ka maunahan ng iba. But in reality, ’pag inisip mo, iba-iba rin ang destination na gusto mo. Hindi kailangan magmadali.” 

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