How To Discover Hong Kong’s Fabric Wonderland Like A Local

How To Discover Hong Kong’s Fabric Wonderland Like A Local


Hong Kong has always the top-of-mind choice when it comes to a quick overseas travel destination. Fashion and culture bloom in this neon city. Street food is incredibly delicious and style choices are very much affordable. No other city beats Hong Kong when it comes to shopping.

But there’s more to Hong Kong than any of us knows. Gather round because we know exactly where you can get your dose of fashion needs. From custom buttons to laces and ribbons for accent— there are only three words to remember on your way to Hong Kong: Sham Shui Po.

Fabric Wonderland

Shying away from the glamorous brands in the main city, Sham Shui Po is the home for your choice of textiles and affordable clothing. This down-to-earth neighborhood located in Kowloon is a one-stop-shop if you’re in search of DIY needs. Local shops offer different items where you can buy items in bulk, wholesale prices. No wonder it’s popular for fashion students in the city. Don’t worry about getting lost as each street has themes you only need to remember.

Fashion Road

Fashion Road | Cheung Sha Wan | Sham Shui Po | Hong Kong | MEGA
Photo from Travel Viu

Cheng Sha Wan, also known as Fashion Road, is complete with all your textile needs. Find wholesale clothing stores where you can get everything for less. If oversized clothes are your aesthetic, this is where you should be headed.

Button Street

Button Street | Sham Shui Po | Hong Kong | MEGA
Photo from Travelshopa

Ki Lung Street is a long stretch where you can find all sorts of buttons. From extravagant designs to minimalist basics—every shop here has a bunch of collections you can browse from.

Ribbon Street

Ribbon Street | Sham Shui Po | Hong Kong | MEGA
Photo from A Pair & A Spare

Need your dose of laces or simple ribbons for gifts? Nam Cheong Street has all the choices you need. Get ribbons and laces for your next fashion creation, all in wholesale prices.

Leather Street

Leather Street | Sham Shui Po | Hong Kong | MEGA
Photo from Style Brief Hong Kong

Everybody loves the smell of a high-quality leather. If you, too, are a fan of leather, head on over to Tai Nan Street for the best of Hong Kong’s leather goods. From shoes and bags to belts and other accessories, this street is your leather haven.

Bead Street

Bead Street 2 | Sham Shui Po | Hong Kong | MEGA
Photo from Starting With A


Nothing does embellishments like Yu Chau Street. Find all sorts of beads and embellishments here. Make your own accessories or DIY your old clothes with items you can find all in one stretch!

Featured Image from Xavier Gibert

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