These Doctor YouTubers Are Educating Us Further About The Pandemic

These Doctor YouTubers Are Educating Us Further About The Pandemic


Using YouTube as their platform to further educate the mass on the truth behind the Covid-19 crisis, these doctors-slash-vloggers are uploading timely and relevant pandemic-related videos, to help us understand things more. 

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If you still have some unanswered questions or downright confusions about Covid-19, these doctors are coming to the rescue. And the best part is–they are just one subscribe button and notification bell away. Instead of relying on hearsay or what we read online, it’s right to hear it from the experts themselves. Without any pre-scheduled doctor’s apointment, these medical experts are more than willing to accommodate your general health concerns.

Doc Jerry

Dr. Jerry Cua, MD, RPh first appeared in his brother, Benedict Cua’s vlogs until he officially started vlogging himself. Dr. Jerry’s videos tackle topics from his medical school journey to Philippines situation on Covid-19. Also, from time to time, he asks his Instagram followers about medical-related concerns and provides answers on his channel.


Former Pinoy Big Brother 7 housemate, Dr. Aura Azarcon, MD focused on her medical profession after joining the reality game show. Sharing a glimpse of her life as a doctor in US, Dr. Aura discusses general health topics every Saturday at 6 PM Manila time.

Junjie Arapan MD

Learning it head on from a doctor’s perspective, Dr. Junjie Arapan, MD shares the real reason why frontliners plead for a timeout to help everyone process the exacerbating situation we’re in. From sharing tips on how to prevent the coronavirus infection to what exactly happens within the walls of the Emergency Room, his vlogs will make us realize that everyone’s safety is always the number one priority.

Violin MD

Dr. Siobhan works as an Internal Medical Resident in Canada and vlogs about her everyday life within the walls of the hospital. While there may be more to know about masks than what we’re taught, Dr. Siobhan lectures us on the truth behind face masks. Just so you’re wondering with her channel’s name, she was a violinist before becoming a doctor.

Doctor Mike

After becoming famed as The Sexiest Doctor Alive on People’s Magazine 2015, Dr. Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski, D.O. is actively practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in New York City. With his charismatic vibe and undeniable wit, Dr. Mike aims to make the field of medicine entertaining and relatable.

Dr. Cellini

While he posts mostly about content related to radiology, he sheds light on the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Learn more about face mask hasks with Senior Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology Resident (PGY-5), Dr. Cellini.

Doctor Raga

This medical graduate hopes to provide her audience with a single portal that contains all information from studying strategy to useful tips and tricks. Dr. Raga is a General Surgery resident who lets you peek into a doctor’s every day life, especially during the Covid-19.

Dr Hope’s Sick Notes

Not only does Dr. Ed Hope works as an Emergency Medicine Doctor, he is also a teaching fellow to medical students. Dr. Ed wants to give his audience a light-hearted look at hospitals. With his interesting manner of tackling medical concerns, Dr. Hope shares the best and worst sides of being a doctor.

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