Does Anne Curtis’ New ‘Do Fit Your Face? Tips on Getting the French Bob

Does Anne Curtis’ New ‘Do Fit Your Face? Tips on Getting the French Bob


Anne Curtis just debuted a new haircut! If you’re thinking of trying out the French bob, here are a few tips you need to know.

Just before setting up the lights and prepping up the camera for an impromptu photoshoot, Anne Curtis decided to chop off a big chunk of her hair. From a long set of locks, she shortened it to a classic chic French bob. This shocking move was done by Zero1Story, a celebrity boutique salon that offers Korean-style haircuts. Other celebrities that have visited the salon and have gotten their own hair transformations were Kathryn Bernardo, Sue Ramirez, Charlie Dizon, Michelle Vito, and more. Before Anne, they chopped off Charlie Dizon and Heaven Paralejo’s long hair to a short bob as well. 

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The short French bob, a haircut that is quite similar to the main protagonist of the hit French movie, Amelie, has increasingly gained traction in the past few years. It features an above-the-shoulder straight cut with a full set of bangs. The French bob is usually done in natural brown tones, but may be spiced up in a honey blonde color. If you’re thinking of getting the French bob as your latest ‘do, then here are a few tips you have to consider. 

Check your face shape

Usually, a French bob would look good on faces that are oval, square, or round-shaped. It may not be best for long-shaped faces, such as oblong, heart, or diamond. But don’t fret! If you have a longer face, then opt for a lob (long bob) instead. 

Consider your lifestyle 

Bobs have been considered as a low maintenance hairstyle, but a French bob is a little different. Not only is it a shorter cut that needs to be tamed, but it also has bangs! These bangs need to be set every time you go out so they can properly frame your face. 

Ask yourself if you’re ready to commit

Sticking to a shorter cut is a lot of commitment, which means frequent trips to the salon to keep your former long locks short. But if you want to try it out once and grow your hair after, this is possible, too. Just expect that after three to four weeks, your hair won’t look exactly the same. Thus, needing a fresh cut.

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