Doja Cat Served a Series of Bad Beauty in Paris Haute Couture Week 2023

Doja Cat Served a Series of Bad Beauty in Paris Haute Couture Week 2023


The eccentric artist proves that she is the definition of a bad beauty muse

The fashion world opened the year strong with the most-awaited Paris Couture Week 2023. On the runway, designers showcased a play on silhouettes, textures, and accents set to define the industry’s future. Every show welcomed honorable guests and influential personalities from around the world. However, it appears that all focus is on artist Doja Cat who fronted the beauty headlines with her take on experimental makeup looks. 

Doja Cat’s moments are hard to miss. In fact, a delve into her feed unveils her play on different looks ranging from soft grunge glam to a full otherworldly format. The rapper has also made a name for her bold beauty choices. Of course, who could forget the time she shaved her head and eyebrows during a live stream? The artist also served a slew of striking looks in previous fashion weeks, which includes her striking blue face paint, bold gothic eyeliner, and the controversial bruised look. To say the least, Doja Cat is the true bad beauty muse. 

In recent times, the rapper has found a new way to translate couture into makeup. Take her Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture look for an example. Doja Cat arrived at the show wearing 30,000 crystals. It’s undeniable that she knows exactly how to make any occasion her own beauty playground. Below, we take a look back at what bad beauty means and rounded out the artist’s best beauty serve at the Paris Couture Week 2023. 

Defining Bad Beauty 

As previously mentioned, bad beauty is not bad, but it’s rebellious. It challenges mainstream beauty ideals by going against the concept of beautifying or perfecting. Moreover, the category focuses on self-expression. It doesn’t conform to any standards or restrictions, but rather creates an open space to play with shapes and colors. Unconventional, bold, striking—bad beauty is a reflection of a creative vision and an exploration of personal aesthetics. 

Doja Inferno 

“Major skin meets crystal couture” is how MUVA Pat McGrath described Doja Cat’s look for the Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture Fashion Show. The artist noted that the look is designed to celebrate the essence of haute couture with shimmering and sublime sparkle. True to detail, the rapper spent nearly five hours having 30,000 ruby-red Swarovski crystals applied all over her body by hand. In a post, McGrath captioned, “Doja’s sublime patience during the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create the look with #TeamPatMcGrath, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski Crystals, was inspiring. The final product was a magical, mesmerizing masterpiece of sparkling brilliance.”

Eyelash Galore

Doja Cat proved that she is a master of clap backs. Ahead of the next showcase, the artist posted a story captioned, “If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what ya’ll get. See you at Viktor and Rolf.” It wasn’t soon until she arrived at the Viktor&Rolf 2023 Haute Couture in a striped brown two-piece suit with her buzzcut on display. Standout detail? Her faux mustache and goatee made out of fake eyelashes. It’s definitely one beauty moment that will be etched in pop-culture history for good. 

Photos from DOJA CAT and DANIEL ROSEBERRY (via Instagram)

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