Dolly De Leon and Dawn Zulueta Demonstrate How to Pull Off a Pixie Cut

Dolly De Leon and Dawn Zulueta Demonstrate How to Pull Off a Pixie Cut


Thinking of getting a pixie cut? Take a cue from these noteworthy actresses-turn-beauty muses

There are only a few styles in the hair library that are lauded as daring and iconic as the appeal of this specific cut. After all, it is acknowledged as an unrivaled statement hairdo for a reason. Think more of Filipina beauty muses with the likes of Dolly De Leon and Dawn Zulueta—these influential celebrities are spotted donning the versatile gamine chop. To say the least, it serves as a proof that no other transformative hair edit can showcase an elegant power statement than a pixie. 

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The drastic chop often refers to a short layered cut paired with a choppy fringe. It’s an equal balance of chic and playful, the kind of cut that is versatile enough to complement a certain face shape and encompass numerous looks to suit any preference. But let’s be real—letting go of longer locks can be pretty daunting. Thinking of taking the leap? Here’s everything you need to know. 

dolly de leon pixie cut
Photo: BRENT SALES (via Instagram)

Is it the right time to get a pixie? 

It’s undeniable that the thought of taking a big chop is truly enthralling. But the big question still remains: Is it the right time to get it? In coming up with a decision, it’s important to keep in mind that short haircuts are a big commitment, and the case of an impulsive chop can yield into beauty regrets. Take time to truly contemplate or consult an opinion of a trusted hairdresser. Be mindful of the fact that hair transformations should make you feel as good as you look. 

Pixie haircuts look great on everyone, but it requires some upkeep. Wearer should come into a salon every four to six weeks to preserve the style in a good shape. Apart from that, it is also essential to work with the right hair products. Pro tip: Consulting a hair or scalp specialist is a true game-changer for beauty fans. Trust the experts for the best ingredients and formulas that complement your needs. 

The chic

dolly de leon pixie cut
Photo: DOLLY DE LEON (via Instagram)

The paradox is that it can be done in more ways than one. Take a page from Dolly De Leon. The Golden Globe nominee debuted her take statement hairdo just in time for the release of the A Very Good Girl trailer. The standout detail? The side fringe that perfectly frames and flatters her facial feature to a tee. To get the look, simply ask for a piecey short side bangs with a length that best flatters your face shape. 

The playful

dawn zulueta pixie cut
Photo: DAWN ZULUETA (via Instagram)

Dawn Zulueta recently reintroduced a fresh take on an age-old favorite coiffed chop. Enter: The “Modern Diana” Pixie Haircut. Consider it as the playful iteration of the gamine hairdo. The layers within the hair instantly gives an illusion of volume that can be left to grow out beautifully. Meanwhile, pairing it with a deep-side parting creates a blow-dry-like finish. More so, it’s one style that pairs perfectly with gray hair.

Featured Image: DOLLY DE LEON (via Instagram)

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