DonBelle’s Can’t Buy Me Love Teaser Showcases Story Tropes That We Love

DonBelle’s Can’t Buy Me Love Teaser Showcases Story Tropes That We Love


The teaser for Belle and Donny’s debut in the primetime just dropped, and here’s some things we might just witness from it 

There’s a new pairing coming our way, and it’s Caroline and Bingo! One of this generation’s biggest pairings, Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan, are set to give life to these characters in Can’t Buy Me Love. This October, ABS-CBN’s newest primetime teleserye will finally unfold the stories of each character and how their lives will intertwine. Can’t we really buy love? We’ll soon find out.

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DonBelle Can't Buy Me Love Donny Pangilinan Belle Mariano
Photo: DONNY PANGILINAN (via Instagram)

In the first teaser drop released yesterday, fans can already spot a number of arcs and scenarios that can possibly happen in the story. With that, MEGA Entertainment gives you some of the ways Can’t Buy My Love go for Bingo and Caroline. 

The meet-cute

Fans for sure are already going through the teaser to find clues on how the story will go. In one scene, we’re getting a glimpse of how the two characters will probably cross paths, and it’s at a party. Donny is a waiter serving flutes of champagne, while Belle walks toward him in a sort of slow motion moment. It looks like they will have an interesting way of meeting each other for the first time, and it’s one that their characters and even us, the audience, will never forget. At this point, we can’t wait! 


Rags and riches

From the project announcement’s poster reveal to the actual scenes we have watched, the stark difference between the lives of Bingo and Caroline are already evident. Donny’s character belongs to the streets of Binondo, ready for the grit of life. “He is from a poor family, and he is very hardworking. His dream is just to provide for his family and be there for them,” the actor revealed during their teleserye announcement. 

Belle Mariano

Meanwhile, Belle also described Caroline by saying, “My character here is Chinese. She’s born in a rich and traditional family.” Right off the bat, the class status of their roles are already established. For sure, this will be a big factor that will eventually cause friction between them once romance enters the picture. The question is, how will they fight for their love? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

Fake dating

As mentioned by Belle, her character was born into a traditional Chinese family, and the party in the teaser was a testament to that. What if Caroline, in order to escape the demands and expectations from her, offers Bingo to be her “paid” boyfriend in the hopes of getting out of an arranged marriage? Can’t Buy Me Love sure does make sense when this trope happens and the two actually fall in love!

DonBelle Can't Buy Me Love Donny Pangilinan Belle Mariano

Enemies to lovers

There was fear and panic in Caroline’s voice when she found herself in Bingo’s side of the world. This scene would probably come after she was rescued by Bingo from the river. At first, they could clash and start off with negative feelings towards each other. But we know this trope all too well. All that pent-up hatred is just misunderstood love, after all! 

DonBelle Can't Buy Me Love Donny Pangilinan Belle Mariano

Photos: ABS-CBN Entertainment (via YouTube)
Featured Image: STAR CREATIVES TV (via Instagram)

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