Donny Pangilinan, Elijah Canlas, and Juan Karlos New Singles For Heartaches and New Relationships

Donny Pangilinan, Elijah Canlas, and Juan Karlos New Singles For Heartaches and New Relationships


Donny Pangilinan, Elijah Canlas, and Juan Karlos captivate the hearts of their fans not just through acting, but also through melodic voices

Today, the new generation of leading men are definitely dominating the primetime hours. And when we think of the new breed of male stars set to shine even brighter in the coming years, three men come to our minds—Donny Pangilinan, Elijah Canlas, and Juan Karlos. Although these three are conquering the ropes of acting nowadays, they are also winning the hearts of their fans through their voices. And like gifts that keep on giving, the three actors each have released new music this year. 

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Donny Pangilinan is all smiles in his single’s cover art; Photo: UNIVERSAL RECORDS PHILIPPINES (via Instagram)

This season, let these talented leading men serenade you through every positive or negative mood that you have for the holidays. Here’s how you can listen to their tracks for your every mood. 

Reflecting on heartbreak

Whether it’s a situationship that went from somewhere to nowhere, or an official love story that has run its course, juan karlos’ “Ere” should be your jam. Since its release, the song has boomed in the charts for its relatability through its sound and message. As you look back on this year, there may have been moments that broke your heart and you still need time to process things. Consider singing along to the track for when you’re alone in your room or during a karaoke session with your friends. Feeling the gut-punching guitar layers and singing along with the meaningful lyrics such as “Pasensiya na kung ngayon ako’y ‘di para sa ‘yo” can ease and even exhaust more pent-up emotions that you still have. 

Celebrating by knowing better

There is so much freedom from accepting things, whether they’re going smooth or south. At one point, letting go and just vibing with what resonates with your current stage in your life is the key to establishing peace within you. If there is a song that carries the message of finally knowing better about a person or a situation, it’s Elijah’s “Kilala Kita.” Although the song is upbeat and perfect for parties, the lyrics seem to be a sharp call out to someone who thinks the world revolves around them. As the song ends with “Kilala na kita,” the persona of the track has finally figured out this puzzling person and stops himself from engaging with their mind games. 

Taking a good chance

In life, the best memories can come from spontaneity and just saying yes to it. With one listen to Donny’s “Biglaan,” that can be enough of a push for you to take a leap of faith and take a chance on an experience, or even on another individual. The hopefulness that the track highlights can even be likened to the actor’s character, Bingo, and his willingness to say yes to Ling, Belle Mariano’s character on Can’t Buy Me Love. Do you need an extra push to forget fear and feel hopeful for something or someone? If yes, go ahead and get inspired with this single!

Featured Image: DONNY PANGILINAN, ELIJAH CANLAS, and JK LABAJO (via Instagram)

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