Dr. Vicki Belo Calls For Acceptance in Fashion Against Ageism

Dr. Vicki Belo Calls For Acceptance in Fashion Against Ageism


In a conversation with MEGA, Dr. Vicki Belo talks about the intersection of ageism and fashion, offering introspective insights into evolving beauty standards

Age can feel like a barrier rather than a badge of honor. In a society fixated on youth and plagued by ageism, older women find themselves stuck by stereotypes and struck in their freedom to express themselves through style. They grapple with societal expectations and the pervasive stigma surrounding aging, where fashion becomes yet another battleground where they must confront discrimination and prejudice. Dr. Vicki Belo desires for liberation, as older women are too often marginalized and overlooked, denied the opportunity to fully embrace their individuality and assert their presence into the world.


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The Persistence of Ageism

Dr. Belo reminisces about the shifting paradigms of beauty and style throughout her career. From the obsession with whitening treatments to the embrace of diverse skin tones, she highlights the profound societal changes. 

Dr. Vicki Belo is a testament that true style and beauty has no age limit

“I think that people are no longer pigeonholed into the classic mold of beauty. In the Philippines, at least when I started my practice 34 years ago, 90% of my consults were about whitening. Now that’s no longer true; morenas are loud and proud and they always tell me they don’t want to be white,” Dr. Belo shares.

Fashion influencer Grace Ghanem who advocates that style has no age

However, she confronts the persistent ageism that relegates individuals to stereotypes once they reach a certain age. “Ageism is still a thing. Once you reach 55 years old they just write you off,” she says. “They call you matronic or lola and are quite dismissive if you wear short skirts, colors and shorts.”

Despite the strides in body positivity, she notes the lingering dismissal faced by mature women who dare go against normative principles.

Media’s Double Standard

Discussing the role of media and entertainment, Dr. Belo acknowledges the progress done in promoting diversity and acceptance. The idolization of older women is at a high, especially when it comes to film and television. 

56-year-old designer and content creator Carla Rockmore celebrates authenticity and self expression through fashion

Yet, she observes an unfashionable resistance where there is a societal reluctance to acknowledge older women as fashion icons. “I’ve been told to dress my age; Longer dresses, not show skin. But I’ve tried, and I feel dumpy.” Despite the inclusion of older and plus-size models, she underscores the need for broader societal acceptance beyond youthful representation.

Surgical Precision, Style Innovation

Dr. Belo’s personal style is a rebellion against age-appropriate dressing norms. Rejecting the notion of conforming to prescribed rules, she advocates for self-expression and individuality. 

Sue Giers is a 55-year-old PR mangager and influencer who uses fashion to empower herself

“I’ve never followed the rules. I love fashion and I’ve always loved fashion. I wear what I want to wear, because I feel happy,” she states.

As a lifelong disruptor, she has bucked traditional boundaries in her professional career and her personal style. She highlights her career milestones, suggesting her motivations come from a place that breaks glass ceilings. “I disrupted the concept of what a dermatologist was when I arrived in 1990 from studying abroad. I brought the very first skin lasers to the Philippines. I introduced Botox and fillers. I was one of the first dermatologists to do surgery.”

Reina Jaz is 58-years-old and calls herself an “ageism fighter”

Viewing fashion as a form of empowerment, she asserts style recognizes no age and people should be praised for their individuality rather than confined by rules of society. 

A Doctor’s Prescription for Fashion

Dr. Belo’s style philosophy revolves around dressing for personal happiness and confidence. “I dress to make myself feel good,” she reveals. “If I’m wearing really colorful clothes that’s because I feel a bit down and need to lift myself up. Sometimes I wear clothes as a costume,” she shares. “When I need to be respected and look professional, I dress in Chanel and pearls.” 

Whether donning vibrant colors to uplift her spirits or exuding professionalism in classic attire, the importance of dressing is to feel good about oneself. “If I feel good with what I’m wearing then I radiate confidence and happiness,” Dr. Belo explains.


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“My rule is I dress for myself,” she says. Her wardrobe choices are a reflection of her mood and personality, embodying self-assurance and contentment in every ensemble.

Dr. Vicki Belo acknowledges the ongoing struggle against ageism in fashion and beauty, mainly because of her personal experiences as a woman of a certain age. Through her fearless confidence, she inspires women of all ages to embrace their individuality and dress with unapologetic authenticity. As she continues to disrupt stereotypes and redefine beauty standards, her stance becomes laser-light empowerment for generations to come.


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