Dr. Z Teo of The Aivee Group Named as The Most Renowned Singaporean in the Philippines

Dr. Z Teo of The Aivee Group Named as The Most Renowned Singaporean in the Philippines


In life, love, and business, Dr. Z has remained at the top of his game and there is no stopping him now

Everyone loves a good success story or redemption arc. It’s fascinating to think how every one of us is already on our personal path towards our success—it’s only a matter of how to get there. Founder and CEO of The Aivee Group Dr. Z’Shen Teo’s story started with love, passion, unrelenting determination, and everything in between. A visionary to his core, Dr. Z has proved his heart for business at an early age with his family’s clinic back in Singapore, and he’s now changing lives in the Philippines.

Named as the most renowned Singaporean living in the Philippines by the Straits Times, Dr. Z had a talk with Philippine Correspondent Mara Cepeda where he took a deep dive into the makings of one Dr. Z’Shen Teo. 

Photo: KIERAN PUNAY of KLIQ, Inc. (courtesy of Modern Parenting)

On love and humble beginnings

Love is the ultimate motivator for many, and this cannot be more true for Dr. Z. Giving a whole new meaning to the word “soulmates,” the CEO confides how a big part of his success is his unwavering partnership in life and in business with Dr. Aivee Teo, one of the most renowned dermatologists in the country. People would say how their love story would be akin to those seen in movies. Beginning in the cityscapes of Singapore, Dr. Z would ask her to dinner or drinks during her rounds in the clinic which would then transpire into daily hangouts—eventually making the two inseparable. After spending most part of their relationship long distance, one in Manila and the other in Glasgow, the two lovers were already certain of each other and decided to tie the knot. 

Moments go by and Dr. Aivee decides to open a small clinic in BGC. Satisfied clients already spread word like wildfire about her expertise and people started to get in line for a consultation. Knowing his wife’s business can reach exciting heights, Dr. Z decided to take a leap of faith and used most of their savings from years of practice to open the first Aivee Clinic in 2009. As people got to experience Dr. Aivee’s exceptional dermatology know-how, the rest was history and the couple’s life was changed forever. 

Leading by example

Passion has always been Dr. Z’s driving force when it comes to his work. At a young age, he was ridiculed due to his acne. He used this to fuel his passion to help people who are going through the same situation. Changing lives through fostering confidence and giving people the avenue in achieving the best version of themselves was the ultimate goal—which eventually manifested through his years of work in the industry. 

“No guts, no glory” is Dr. Z’s life mantra, and this is exemplified when it comes to his business. As the clinic continued to grow throughout the years, it has now prospered into a successful chain of companies through the CEO’s dedication and tenacity. Now, The Aivee Group of Companies consist of: the AIvee Clinic, Aivee Skin, Aivee Cafe, Luxuri Pets, Dr. Food PH, Keli Devices, Z Giant Poodles, and A Star Laboratories. 

Apart from leading multiple talented teams within the business, the founder is also a hands-on patriarch and family man. Making sure to spend as much time with his wife and three children as soon as clinic hours end, the Dr. Z always makes it a point to let his multicultural household enjoy the best of both Philippines and Singapore.

To know more about the Aivee Clinic, visit their website and Instagram. You can also call their hotline at 0917-728-3838.

Featured Image: KIERAN PUNAY of KLIQ, Inc. (courtesy of Modern Parenting)

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