Drag Den Season 2 Grand Opening Night Captures the Essence of Pinoy Queer Fun

Drag Den Season 2 Grand Opening Night Captures the Essence of Pinoy Queer Fun


A showcase of all things kabaklaan: dragdagulan, Manila Luzon and Sassa Gurl as pop stars, meeting the Drag Den Season 2 cast, fearless fashion on the blue carpet, and the unveiling of the first episode

Drag Den gave us a psychedelic taste of what’s coming with deliciously done visuals of their new set of competitors. When Direk Rod dropped a tour of their detail-intensive and reference-rich new set—a haphazardly gorgeous imagination of Tondo in 2052—my expectations for season 2 went straight above the clouds. The unabashedly enthusiastic response from the crowd in Cinema 7 of Trinoma Mall, shown through cheers and standing ovations during and after the viewing of episode 1, evidently showed that expectations totally smashed the ceiling. 

Judging from the first episode, I’d say that season 2 is shaping up to be more well-structured than the previous one. There was a lot to unpack because of the “new den, new rules,” but overall, it evoked a sense of excitement similar to unwrapping Christmas presents. 

We tend to dive right into the experience when watching something really good. We soak it all in and let the show do its magic. We’re not concerned with the technicalities of how it’s produced or analyzing what could be better. Drag Den season 2 is that bitch. 

The show is the ultimate Pinoy queer vibe that was captured authentically, expressed artistically, and depicted unapologetically. It contains all the wild humor and snappy comebacks that only those who’ve lived that experience will understand because it’s tailored for us. Drag Den continues to be a triumph in Pinoy queer storytelling. 

Here’s a rundown on what happened at the Drag Den Season 2 Grand Opening Night:


The gay festivities started at the Trinoma Activity Center, and what better way to commence the activities than with a highly energetic and frenzied drag competition? Dragdagulan na!

dragdagulan at trinoma

The winning price was P20,000, so everyone went kaloka-crazy, showing off their crunchiest dips and kicks, and pulling stunts here and there like there was no tomorrow. 

dragdagulan drag den

Edsa Xxtra won the crowd over with her antics and kookiness and won the cash prize. 

manila luzon

Manila Luzon performed “Pom Pom,” the brand new single of Drag Den. The track has a hypnotic sound that you won’t get out of your head. It’s an irresponsibly catchy bop that, in my opinion, is Luzon’s best song ever. 

sassa gurl

Sassa Gurl lent her rapping skills to add that extra spice to the already super fiery song. 

manila luzon and sassa gurl

Manila Luzon and Sassa Gurl in their pop star era. It’s important to note that the same person who did “Sustah” is also behind this song. Silas is an incredibly talented one!

jean vilogue

The cast of Drag Den season 2 finally emerged to serve what needed to be served as they were introduced one by one to the delight of the crowd. Here’s Jean Vilogue strutting like the glam star that she is.

Russia Fox

Russia Fox exuded confidence and sex in every fabulous stride. 

rod singh

Dahil sa inyo po, nagkaroon tayo ng season 2 ng Drag Den. Hindi lang double, hindi lang triple, but quadruple of what we had before. So, thank you so much times four,” said Rod Singh, creator and director of Drag Den.

mrs. tan

The hosts gave the new Drag Den contestants a moment to answer questions. Here, Mrs. Tan mentioned that her family is in the audience, and it’s their first time to see her in full drag.

Marlyn Ocampo

“Last season, ako ‘yung nag-makeup kay Manila, and now, I’m officially a contestant. And I’m so happy to be representing the AFAB drag community,” Marlyn Ocampo said. 

drag den season 2

Drag Den season 2 class picture.

barbie q

We moved up to the cinema floor of Trinoma Mall, where they had laid out the blue carpet. 

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Watch a new episode of Drag Den Season 2 on Prime Video every Thursday at 7 PM.

Photography KIM SANTOS

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