Drag Show 101: The Essential Guide to Drag Show Etiquette

Drag Show 101: The Essential Guide to Drag Show Etiquette


Here’s a rundown of important tips to remember when heading to a drag show to ensure everyone has the best possible time

Going to a drag show isn’t just a night out—it’s a dive into an electrifying world of art with its own unwritten rules. Drag shows are no longer confined to gay clubs thanks to the influence of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The spellbinding effect of drag is now enjoyed at brunches, beach spots, corporate events, etc. Wherever they may be, the immersive experience of drag is best appreciated when you understand proper drag etiquette. Here’s how to savor every moment while giving the artists and fellow spectators the respect they deserve.

eva le queen

The One About Tipping

Tipping is tightly integrated into drag culture. While cheers and applause are cute ways to show appreciation for the artistry of drag, money helps them buy more nice wigs. 

Break your bills before coming to the venue. No cash in hand? Digital tipping is a more convenient way to do it and is often part of a drag show. 

Know your timing. Read the room. Don’t disrupt the performance if you want to tip.

There are no rules as to how much one should tip a performer, but don’t tip a Peso if you’re only trying to be funny or rude.

Tipping is a gesture of appreciation and not to be used as an excuse to develop a false sense of authority.

No one can and should shame anyone for not tipping. You’ve probably already paid for your table, drinks, or a ticket. If you can’t shell out more, follow the artist’s social media account, take videos of their performance, and tag them. 


Hands Off, Ate!

If you’re too mesmerized by the fanciful intricacy of their hair or the sheer size of their breastplate and have the urge to touch, girl, stop. These artists spent hours perfecting their vision so you would not mess up the fantasy. These over-the-top artworks are meant for viewing only, so keep your dirty paws to yourself!

M1ss jade So

There will be instances when a performer will share a moment with you. Enjoy it, but don’t get handsy. Avoid engaging in physical interaction without mutual consent. You see, it goes both ways.

Don’t expect the same level of interaction when you see the performer displaying extra affection towards an audience member; they’re likely friends.

Aries Night

Respect costs nothing, but means everything

Respect the performance space. To avoid the wrath of a fiery hell, please never get on the stage without an invitation. Avoid blocking the view during a performance or walking where someone is performing.

Respect the spotlight. Remember that the audience is there to see a drag show, not you. Remember that a drag show is a meticulously planned spectacle; you don’t want to be the one who will kill the flow by acting like an idiot. If your vibe isn’t boosting the performer, it’s probably bringing them down. Please don’t ruin the joyous atmosphere for everybody in the room. 

Brigiding at Baksilog

Most drag shows offer alcohol, and some audience members can get inebriated. If you’re with someone who has too much to drink and begins to heckle, take the initiative to end their disruptive behavior. 

Embrace the culture. Honor the queer space. 

Enjoy, sis!

Have a fabulous time. Your energy enlivens a performer’s spirit, so go ahead and scream, clap your hands, bawl your eyes out, laugh like a hyena, sing along, and howl. It’s a damn drag show!

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