Want A More Drastic Solution To Your Under Eye Problems?

Want A More Drastic Solution To Your Under Eye Problems?


If there is one feature that gives the face away the most, it is definitely the eyes. After all, it is a well-known fact that the under eye area is very thin, making it prone to problems such as puffiness and dark circles.

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Bags under the eyes can be hereditary or an abnormal protrusion of fat pads surrounding the area. “As we age, the fat pads under the eye area drop. The loss of elastin and collagen causes the skin to sag, creating a hollow, tired look,” reveals Dr. Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group, explaining how puffiness can also be caused by the sagging of skin. Dark under eye circles, on the other hand, is caused when the thin skin of the eyelid is translucent and reveals the vessels below. It can be worsened by a lack of sleep or an excess amount of sodium. It is important to note that you can either have one or the other, or both at the same time.

Try as you might, there are a number of options you can do to slow down the aging process. Getting enough sleep and avoiding rubbing your eyes is one way to do this. SPF and eye creams are also reported to greatly help the state of your seemingly weary eyes. However, the most these things can do is slow it down. One day, an older version of yourself will find that you are left with two options: a) accept the natural way of life and own it, or b) indulge yourself in a procedure that will lessen your eye bags and/or dark under eye circles, thanks to technology advances that has allowed for more lasting results.

For those who want a more drastic solution to their under eye problems, eye fillers are an available option and can be done with the help of a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon. “Injectable fillers are a good way to address problems in the eye area—they are made from a hyaluronic acid which dissolves over time and literally fill the hollows or depressions under the eye,” Belo shares.

She also tells us that laser blepharoplasty can also be done to remove the fat and excess skin that has formed over time. Belo offers a number of laser treatments such as their Starwalker Whitening Laser. This procedure features an extraordinary 14 laser modalities operating at 4 complementary laser wavelength for instant whitening results. It sounds like a lot, but the short bursts of energy allows it to target specific areas without injury to the surrounding skin and makes for a short procedure that lasts for around 10-15 minutes. Their panda eye mode is used to lighten dark circles, and since it tightens the eye area as well, fine lines are also diminished.

The space under the eye is definitely a problem area for many. So the next time you find yourself wishing you didn’t always look so tired, perhaps it is time you give one of these procedures a go.

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