Dressing The Part: Mark Gorriceta’s Sartorial Flair Echoes Prestige

Dressing The Part: Mark Gorriceta’s Sartorial Flair Echoes Prestige


Celebrated as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in the Philippines by Asia Business Law Journal across a four-year streak since 2020, Mark Gorriceta is the founder and managing partner of Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra. He’s the country’s premier lawyer in Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Securities Law. His mastery of law on digital assets, AI, fintech, blockchain, virtual currencies, data privacy, and e-commerce makes him also regarded as a leading counsel for major tech firms in the Philippines. 

Mark Gorriceta
Mark Gorriceta, founder and managing partner of Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra, is one of the most acclaimed lawyers in the country.

Apart from his practice and role at the firm, he actively participates in the business world and other sectors. A man of class and elegance, his clothing decisions manifest a clear, impeccable style. From ultra-sleek, tailored suits to dapper accessories, Atty. Mark Gorriceta’s fashion sense mirrors his successes. “It’s a form of non-verbal communication that can command respect, signify authority, and inspire trust,” says the dapper gentleman. “A well-curated wardrobe signifies that one is meticulous and dedicated in all aspects, including their professional presentation.” His impressive fashion sense reinforces why he’s considered a superior lawyer. 

Mark Gorriceta
Gorriceta believes dressing appropriately is crucial in establishing trust and credibility.

Power Dressing

Power dressing in the corporate jungle isn’t just about looking good; it’s about displaying an aura of confidence, authority, and success. “It imbues me with a confidence and preparedness essential for addressing the day’s challenges,” Gorriceta asserts. “In a profession as dynamic and rigorous as mine, the manner in which I present myself has a marked impact on negotiations, leadership dynamics, and the assertion of authority.”

Mark Gorriceta
Atty. Mark Gorriceta’s fashion sense flaunts an air of confidence and authority.

Dressing appropriately in the corporate world initiates trust and credibility. When you align how you dress with your stature and the industry’s expectations, you declare your commitment and seriousness to your job. The lawyer confirms: “It’s the first step in demonstrating that I respect my role, the people I work with, and the responsibilities entrusted to me. A polished and professional appearance can often be the difference in making a positive first impression, which is critical in legal and business contexts.”

Mark Gorriceta’s Style Essentials

His style is anchored in classic, timeless pieces embodying professionalism and authority. “A well-tailored suit is foundational, signaling sharpness and readiness,” he says. Tip-top dress shirts and smart trousers are a must, “and polished shoes are non-negotiable for a coherent look,” he adds. “Accessories like ties, watches, and belts are carefully selected to complement and elevate the ensemble.” 

Mark Gorriceta
Mark Gorriceta on balancing his professional wardrobe and personal style: “It involves selecting pieces that are not only stylish and reflect my personal taste, but also appropriate and respectful of my profession’s norms.”

These classic pieces help radiate a professional aura and highlight the eye for detail and dedication to quality. Mark Gorriceta reiterates: “Power dressing is more than a matter of personal style—it’s a strategic asset for professional achievement.”

Mark Gorriceta advises young professionals about the importance of dressing for career success: “I cannot stress enough the transformative potential of dressing for success. Consider it a vital investment in your personal brand and a cornerstone of your professional evolution. Let your attire be a mirror of your ambition and commitment to your career. Prioritize the fit, craftsmanship, and suitability of your clothing for your specific field. Recognize that your wardrobe is more than just garments—it’s a strategic toolkit for career advancement. Therefore, it’s imperative to meticulously and deliberately assemble your professional attire, ensuring it aligns with your goals and the image you wish to project.”

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