Drip and Draft: This All-in-One Cafe, Bar, and Kitchen in Cebu is a Must-Visit

Drip and Draft: This All-in-One Cafe, Bar, and Kitchen in Cebu is a Must-Visit


Drip and Draft, born from a love of coffee, and now grown to your local neighborhood cafe to relax, bar to celebrate, and kitchen to savour, is a go-to found in the heart of Cebu

If there are two drinks that have become commonplace in Filipino culture, it’s coffee to pump up productivity and get an energy boost, and beer to unwind and celebrate the joys of life. If you’re an avid coffee or beer lover, you might already have a few go-to spots near you to grab a quick cup or mug for the day. However, it’s never too late to add a local favorite to your list. If you want a quaint spot for coffee dates, outdoor work, or intimate celebrations with friends over beer, Drip and Draft is the place to be.

Drip and Draft is a Cebu-Based Third Wave Café and Beer Bar that lifts your spirits with its at-home ambiance, hearty dishes, and specialty coffee. Upon entering the space, you’re greeted with an open lounge of comfy couches to ease your stresses, or tables and chairs to get work going. With a wood and leather interior set in a roasted, golden brown color palette, the spacious 200sqm floor area ensures you can unwind in your own nook, even during packed days.

Drip and Draft serves specialty coffee with high-grade coffee beans sourced near and far—not only from our local farmers in Mt. Apo but also all the way from as far as Brazil. Comfortably enjoy your favorite coffee by yourself over breakfast, have a scrumptious lunch with your family, or have dinner with some local craft beer and cocktails with your friends.

For the quintessential coffee lover or casual coffee enthusiast, the Cold Brew Black and Cold Brew White are the cafe’s best sellers. With high quality beans processed for a full 48 hours—steeped in cold water to extract its sweet flavors—and acidity that is 70% less compared to that of normal coffee, you won’t regret tasting cups of these to boost your day. For the Cold Brew White, this 48 hour brew is then mixed with Cebu’s freshest pasteurized milk and a few “secret” ingredients to make even more magical flavors come to life. This unique blend makes it a must-try if you’re in the area. There isn’t anything like it in the Queen City of the South. Pair your cold brew with any of their hearty breakfast meals or other wholesome food choices, or have your favorite cocktail or beer instead.

When you finally log off from work or finish your meal, why not restock on some essentials to bring the joy of coffee back home? Lining the walls are fully loaded display shelves with home brewing equipment and merchandise to support your coffee and beer cravings. French presses, beer taps, and even single origin beans can be yours for the taking.

Drip and Draft lives up to the picture of your “ideal cafe”. It’s a love letter to local coffee farmers and craft beer brewers, with the goal of bringing out the best flavors in these products to do their hard work justice. If you’re on the lookout for your next go-to hangout spot, or if you just want to have a change of scenery, Drip and Draft is a local gem worth experiencing.
Learn more about Drip and Draft through their website. Follow them on social media at Facebook and Instagram.

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