Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Pop Star

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Pop Star


Looking for last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take this a sign to live your pop star dreams and dress up as your favorite artist

With Halloween just several days away, deciding what to go for sounds like one thing that is nearly impossible. But fret not—there are plenty of selections that are cute, creative, and easy to pull off. Case in point? Pop stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, or Dua Lipa whose styles are equally iconic as their songs. That is to say, the spooky season is the perfect time to live your delulu and transform into your fave artists. 

Embody a pop star Barbie look like Dua Lipa
Embody a pop star Barbie look like Dua Lipa

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No matter your preference, there is a look for everyone. From Sabrina Carpenter’s signature lace dress to Olivia Rodrigo’s oh-so popular grunge style, their wardrobe is the perfect place to turn to for last minute costume ideas. Keep reading and find your inspiration below.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo Vampire music video Halloween costume
You can’t make some big real mistakes with this simple Halloween fit

Olivia Rodrigo is undeniably a true style icon. After all, her wardrobe is heavily influenced by the 90s. That being said, you’ll never be short of ideas to copy from. Thinking of going extra this year? Go for her “Vampire” music video look. Recreating it only takes a white tulle ruffled dress and cute heels. Make it more accurate with a red lip moment and a slash of fake blood. 

Sabrina Carpenter 

Sabrina Carpenter Halloween costume
Why not create a playlist of songs you can’t send to your crush to match your Sabrina-inspired Halloween look?

Sabrina Carpenter’s signature style is one fool-proof way to look cute this spooky season. As for her style formula? It’s simple—short lace dress, fishnet stockings, and knee-high boots. One concept to play around with is her combination of mini dresses and chunky heeled shoes. In the realm of beauty, it’s equally easy. Think Bridget Bardot-inspired curtain bangs, full lashes, and a swish of a bright pink blush. 

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa concert looks
Take center stage in this performance-worthy costume

Another fashion-forward classic entry? Dua Lipa’s stylish wardrobe. Take this look for instance. Her mini dress, choker, and ankle boots are spot on for a pop star look. More so, it’s both chic and easy to copy. Just pile on a sheer purple dress and shoes. Pro tip: to make it more Dua Lipa-coded, focus on the glam, which means reconciling with colored eyeshadows. As for the hair? Opt for her signature sleek ponytail.


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