Editors’ Picks: 5 Best Looks From The Louis Vuitton Men’s F/W ’22 Spin-Off Show

Editors’ Picks: 5 Best Looks From The Louis Vuitton Men’s F/W ’22 Spin-Off Show


Discover the five looks that the MEGA editors are coveting from the Louis Vuitton Men’s F/W ’22 Spin-Off Show

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If there’s one common theme that threads amongst all of Virgil Abloh’s looks throughout his stay as the artistic director for Louis Vuitton menswear, is that he wants to unite people through clothing. This was evident even up to his last collection before his passing. At the special spin-off show of Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 presentatio­n held at the Iconsiam in Thailand, Louis Vuitton paraded once again the visionary’s work, including nine never-before-seen looks that explored three ideas: “the coming-of-age premise, the global perspective, and the cycle of creativity”. The show started with Sivaroj Kongsakul’s “I Dreamt of You” a short film that follows the formative experiences of an 11-year-old boy in the surroundings of rural Thailand. The film was chosen to highlight Abloh’s world view that “youth is global”. 

As the young child ends up on a dock in the middle of the lake made up to look like the young boy’s bed in the short film, the camera is flipped and viewers are transported to the live show in Thailand. The sunken, red-roofed house, that was also present in the original Paris show, was hung upside down with models coming out of a tunnel underneath to walk on a runway that looked like train tracks.

From graphic suits and knitwear to men’s skirts, each piece deconstructed the dress codes popularly tied to societal archetypes–tailoring, sportswear, dresses­­­­­–and was reworked in new ways.

Imagination and reality also met in the collection’s accessories through paint bucket-shaped bags, baroque boots, and bouquet bags with three-dimensional multi-color leather flowers in Monogram.

Louis Vuitton also presented pieces that are exclusive to the Thailand market which includes track suites, coats and baclavas with checkboard prints in bold purple, pink and blue.

Here’s are the top 5 looks that the MEGA editors truly loved from the collection:

1. The Fresh White Suit

To modernize white suiting, Abloh transforms the classic staple by adding strong shoulders and slightly nipped-in waist to create a statuesque silhouette. To offset the power that the look exudes, it was paired with a playful sports cap. 

2. The Statement Letterman Jacket

Sports has always been an inspiration for the artistic director. This signature of his was specifically seen in this letterman jacket. With a dreamy pattern play, it makes for an ultra-flashy look. 

3. The Whimsical Streetwear

Childlike depictions of wizards, the Grim Reaper and cartoon characters–which Abloh has always had a fascination with–appear on streetwear staples like baggie hoodies and sports jackets. 

4. The Tie-Dye Set

Tie-dye was also a recurring motif in the collection which was interpreted on embossed Monogram denim pieces and in shearling. Each garment was dyed separately, and no piece was the same.

5. The Modern Tapestry

A nod to the French fashion house’s heritage, tapestry was reimagined through modern coats and blazers. Three specific paintings graced the tapestries namely “The Painter’s Studio” by Gustave Courbet from 1855, “Souvenir d’Italie” by Giorgio de Chirico from 1914 and a floral Gobelin from the 19th century. 

Louis Vuitton is located at Greenbelt 3 and Solaire Resort & Casino. For more updates, visit their website.

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