Elisse Joson Finally Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Journey

Elisse Joson Finally Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Journey


The PBB alumna gets real on the highs, lows, and in-betweens of her pregnancy journey.

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Motherhood is no joke no matter what age or career it comes into a woman’s life. Suddenly, a life that you’ve lived for yourself becomes a life shared with another person you are responsible for. It changes your body, your vision, and your priorities.

This is what Elisse Joson realizes now that she has become a mother herself to the adorable one-year-old Felisse McKenzie, or more known as Felize. In a collaboration vlog with DJ Chacha, the two friends talked about how being a mother has made an impact in their lives.

Here are the things Elisse’s shared in the vlog:

She kind of expected her pregnancy already.

“Irregular kasi ako,” she explained as to why she thought her pregnancy was just a normal thing. Come almost three months, that’s when she decided to take four pregnancy tests just to be sure.

“Masaya ako, pero may halong takot,” Elisse recalled.

Elisse’s belly transformation
Photo Credit: Elisse Joson on YouTube

When she told Mccoy (De Leon), her partner, she did not even need to finish her sentence. They both knew already. Their reactions? They were happy and laughing about their blessing!

She became extra sensitive in dealing with loved ones.

For most of Elisse’s pregnancy, she and Mccoy were in a long distance relationship with her in the US and him staying in the country for his projects.

Video calls were their only form of communication and Elisse admitted how she would get mad if Mccoy would not be able to answer. In DJ Chacha’s words, “super clingy times five”. Because of their healthy communication, they were able to understand the needs of each other.

Elisse was also grateful for her mother being there with her all throughout her pregnancy even though they had typical mother-daughter moments at first, with little fights and arguments.

“Sobrang thankful ko na siya yung kasama ko during that time. Kapag nanay ang kasama mo (during labor), parang alagang-alaga ka.”

She saw changes in her body.

When asked about how her body responded to the baby inside her, Elisse said that she was a glowing mother during the whole time.

But that didn’t mean it was easy for her.

“Pinaka na feel bad ako ay yung sobrang lumaki yung tiyan ko, and nagkaroon ako ng stretch marks,” she said.

She gained weight post pregnancy, but was motivated to exercise to bounce back and go back to work. As soon as she was cleared by the doctors, she started her fitness routine again. Her motivation? Her baby Felize, of course.

She thinks about Elisse in every single decision she makes.

Everything that Elisse does now is in consideration of what’s best for her daughter—making plans with friends, choosing projects, and even strengthening her relationship with Mccoy.

“Staying together as a family, to keep the family together is really hard work. Staying together is also for all of us [herself, Mccoy, and Felize],” she pointed out with conviction.

Watch the whole vlog here:

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