WATCH: Perfect Your Selfie Game á la Elisse Joson and Kisses Delavin

WATCH: Perfect Your Selfie Game á la Elisse Joson and Kisses Delavin


MEGA cover stars Kisses Delavin and Elisse Joson share pro tips on how to take the perfect selfie!
Taking selfies can be a little tedious. There’s so much to mind from angles to poses and even the overall mood of the photo. So if you’re struggling on how to amp up your selfie game, let Elisse Joson and Kisses Delavin teach you how to do it like a pro.
From the perfect angle to the right thoughts while taking the photo, Elisse and Kisses will walk you through the selfie-taking process. Watch as the MEGA cover stars show the MEGAStyle team how to take perfect selfies without all the extra effort!

The Right Angle

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Elisse shares that in order to take the perfect selfie, one should know their angle. Find the perfect spot where the light hits your face best and where it looks best. It could take a while to figure out your perfect angle and it can be a bit of a trial-and-error process. But once you find the right angle, your selfies would automatically be foolproof!

Happy Thoughts

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Meanwhile, Kisses starts with the right thoughts as she takes her selfie. Thinking of happy moments will definitely change the way your smile. These thoughts will definitely transcend from simple ideas to a smile that everyone will adore. No wonder why Kisses’ smile is so contagious!


Soon as you get the right angle and decided whether to smile or be fierce, immediately snap that selfie! Don’t miss any second and tap the shutter while your smile is at its brightest and your angle at its best.
Are you ready to take the perfect selfie á la Elisse and Kisses? Watch the video below for more:

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