Elisse Joson Shares 3 Memorable Looks From Team Rain X Em

Elisse Joson Shares 3 Memorable Looks From Team Rain X Em


Elisse Joson has been making her presence known in the fashion stage ever since her Making MEGA feat this year. The young star has successfully propelled herself in the fashion industry by dominating one outfit after another.

But behind each success of Elisse’s stunning outfits is the remarkable talent of Team Rain X Em. Elisse explained to MEGA that the reason she always aces her outfits is through how Rain Dagala and Em Millan incorporates her own personality into every look. Recently, we sat down with Elisse and she shared her three most memorable looks from Team Rain X Em.

Star Magic Ball 2017

On top of her list was the dress she wore at the Star Magic Ball 2017. According to Elisse, the three of them really collaborated to come up with the look. “I told them what I wanted and they were all ears in listening to what I wanted. [T]hey suggested what their peg would be for that look, so the outcome was something that I really wanted and that I’m really comfortable wearing which is the most important [part] to pull-off my look,” she explained. Elisse magnificently glowed wearing a Michael Leyva dress embellished with crystals and feathers, accessorized with colored ear cuffs and bejeweled hair piece.


The second look on her list was her outfit during a K-Pop production for the noontime variety show, ASAP. Living up to the goal of the team to incorporate her personality in every look, Elisse shared that Rain and Em were able to “put together something that was super cute and very K-Pop na nasa personality ko pa din which is girly.” Wearing a blue ruffled off-the-shoulder plaid with a pink high-waisted skirt and fishnet stockings, the young star definitely rocked her live performance.

ASAP Chillout

Her third favorite look was during ASAP Chillout’s Push Awards. Elisse believes that sticking to your own personality will give you the confidence to pull-off any outfit. Channeling her feminine style for the push awards, she wore a pink silk top with a high-waisted trousers complemented by a black pearl-embellished beret.

Follow Elisse Joson on Instagram @elissejoson and Team Rain X Em @teamrainxem for more style inspirations.

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