Just Married! Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s Wedding Breaks Tradition

Just Married! Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s Wedding Breaks Tradition


Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s whirlwind romance and wedding are proof that when you’ve found “the one” there’s no reason to hold back. Read an excerpt about this month’s cover couple and their untraditional mountain-top wedding.

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By the time this story comes out, the couple have already walked down the aisle as each other’s Mr. and Mrs. but during this interview, they still had three weeks left of preparation for the big day. And in the world of lavish celebrity ceremonies, nothing is off-limits except for the notable duo, who are going against the rules of a big white wedding. No intricate tablescapes that makes guests conscious or where they barely see each through the décor, no highly directed posing photos, and—most of all—no stress. “It’s really a celebration wherein people you know want to be there to witness our union. It’s very intimate but one big party,” the groom-to-be discloses. 

Adarna reveals that they originally planned for the ceremony to also be at Mt. Gulugod Baboy, where their love story started and where they held their pre-nuptial photoshoot, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it didn’t push through. Luckily, they found a similar mountain top location, one that provides stunning views and serene greenery for their final wedding location. Other than that, both say that everything is falling exactly into place. “I just told my coordinator that I don’t want stress,” she jokes and coins herself as a “bridechilla.”

On Ellen, Silver sequined cut out dress by ANGELA TALOZA Jewelry by SEP VERGARA PLATINUM FINE JEWELRY; On Derek, Black brocade tuxedo jacket and inner white dress shirt by FRANCIS LIBIRAN, Slim black trousers by BIANCA CORDERO

For those who already have a mood board saved on Pinterest of cakes and bouquets, planning the dream wedding is a breeze. However, for a couple like Adarna and Ramsay who only welcomed the thought of marriage just this year, they needed the help of experts. They worked with La Belle Fête, one of the premier event planning companies in the Philippines that have handled several high-caliber nuptials before to make their one-of-a-kind wedding a reality. “We’re outdoors, we’re one with nature and nothing’s uniform. Everything had to be built because even the tables and chairs are different,” Ramsay describes the work that has to be put in. But with their full coordination service of conceptualization, providing suppliers for food and decor, alongside getting the job done within the budget and a short amount of time, made the preparation a fuss-free process.“Funny enough, wala kaming arguments. We were both happy at the end of the day,” he says, especially that La Belle Fête isn’t afraid to go outside of the traditional wedding formula, which matches the couple’s style and makes each event they handle elevated and unique.


With Adarna and Ramsey, you can expect that from the ceremony to the reception is a personal touch. “They studied who we are, and you’ll see the little details with our personalities. Like, the stepping stones that Ellen is going to be walking onto down the aisle. In each of those slate stones is a carved saying that has happened between us like one for Elias. It’s called ‘Where’s it?’ which is Elias’ favorite line,” Ramsay excitingly divulges. “We want the people present to enjoy as much as we are. Before the ceremony, they’re already going to be drinking and mingling a little.” 

They also had special flowers brought over that will be placed all over to make the ceremony feel in full bloom, styled by production designer Gary Abar Dacanay and floral designer Randy Lazaro. The affair will then be candidly shot by close friends videographer Bob Nicolas, photographer Pat Dy, while the guests will be given disposable cameras to capture memories as they happen. For the much-awaited wedding gown and suit, expect flowing fashion. “It can’t be so formal and nothing stiff,” they say are their non-negotiables and giving us a hint that Ramsay’s ensemble is an Italian-inspired number while Adarna’s dress is feminine but showing off a right amount of skin.

On Ellen, Fringe mini dress by RAJO LAUREL, Jewelry by SEP VERGARA PLATINUM FINE JEWELRY; On Derek, Textured gray double-breasted suit and inner black dress shirt with gray piping by FRANCIS LIBIRAN

The couple has been more than ready to rock up to the aisle and say “I do”, even Ramsay shared how he doesn’t plan on writhing his vows beforehand. As for the next chapter of their lives as husband and wife, they’re already looking forward to it and treating it as an exciting new destination that they can explore together. “I can’t wait for that day. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re leaving on a trip with your friends to a place you’ve never been to?” he says, to which Adarna agrees, “yeah, actually! That’s what I’ve been feeling! Fairytale talaga siya. I’m excited na parang it’s overwhelming.” 

Navy blue double-breasted relaxed fit suit by RAJO LAUREL

“It’s just going to be a complete representation of this whole whirlwind romance that we’ve had but it’s also going to symbolize how confident and how sure we are about what we feel for each other,” Ramsay calmly encapsulates what the wedding meant. From their instantaneous connection that now leads into a lifetime together, Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s palpable chemistry show that there’s no “right” time to fall in love but when it does happen, raise a glass and celebrate every single moment of it. 

From a surprise engagement to a wedding in less than a year, read more about Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s whirlwind romance in MEGA’s upcoming December 2021 issue. Stay tuned!

Creative direction JANN PASCUA
Art direction NICOLE ALMERO
Makeup MICKEY SEE assisted by MELCHOR DOMINGUEZ (Ellen) and ANGEL MANHILOT (Derek)
Photography assistant DHENRICK RODRIGO
Shot on location at PALACIO DE MEMORIA
Shoot coordination ERICA LUNA and MAE TALAID


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