Emerging Filipino Beauty Brands You Need to Watch Out For

Emerging Filipino Beauty Brands You Need to Watch Out For


As the beauty sphere continues to expand, a new wave of local brands is slowly taking over.

It’s undeniable that Filipino beauty brands have made their presence known. In fact, it became one of the strongest power players in our market. Besides, homegrown labels understand our skin needs and tones in a way no other brand can. Let’s call it the “it just gets you” magic, but you have to admit it’s true. It’s obvious that most brands earned their mainstay title, but for this story, we are giving light on emerging labels that are taking over our feeds. Below, we listed selections that are worth the try.


Created by Arianne Amante and her team, the beauty brand features a selection of no-frills and easy-to-use products like the All Around Flush, TLC Spray, Dream Filter, and Lip Muse. Every product is backed with a well-thought-out formula that satisfies any beauty cravings. A noteworthy mention includes the latest addition named Tulle, which is set to be the first pink-toned pressed powder in the country. A swish instantly illuminates the skin with a rosy finish while subtly color corrects and cancels out dark circles.


Saipo focuses on conscious, cruelty-free, and plant-based formulas. In fact, it is lauded as a skincare that’s universally kind due to its array of standout skin food housed in its signature packaging. Products like the True Dew Brightening Gel Cream and Mild Child Brightening Gel Cleanser capture the admiration of beauty fans, while the Superfood Face Masks is named as one of the brand’s crowd-favorites. 


+ful is clear with its mission to provide accessible yet high-quality skincare products for Filipino skin. Introduced as a science-first formulation, the range comprises vegan and cruelty-free products. Ingredients like Retinol, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, and Vitamin C take the form of a serum, while a gentle toner rounds out its collection. 

Chu Chu Beauty 

Chu Chu Beauty’s fun and playful approach to beauty is a refreshing break from monochrome. Encapsulating the charm of the K-beauty sphere, the newcomer delivers an array of multi-use formulas that complement the Filipino complexion. The Color Bento Box and Lipstacks are two of the products that can be seen on the lineup, while the Juicy Dew Tint and Multiuse Heart Sticks are lauded as standouts. 

Kayu Beauty

Kayu Beauty is a brand created by beauty fans for beauty fans. Founders Ayn Bernos, Kai Javier, and Rica Salomon teamed up to change the industry’s game. The name “Kayu” is short for kayumanggi, which serves as an extension of Bernos’ campaign. Kayu Kiss, the hero product, is a buildable soft matte lipstick made to flatter any complexion. Aside from that, it consists of a light yet velvety format that sits comfortably on the lips.

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