Emily Ratajkowski is the Face of this Filipino Brand

Emily Ratajkowski is the Face of this Filipino Brand


PATTON announces Emily Ratajkowski as the face of this lifestyle brand, showcasing versatility and style in contemporary fashion

How does one find simplicity in versatility? Renowned as much for her intellect as her beauty, Emily Ratajkowski personifies the modern woman—confident, multifaceted, and unapologetically herself. So, when it comes to representing a lifestyle brand like PATTON, founded by Patty Ang, it’s no surprise that the multihyphenate is the perfect fit.

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Emily Ratajkowski Teams Up with Filipino Brand PATTON
Emily Ratajkowski becomes the face of PATTON

In a recent campaign shot entirely in New York by photographer Tom Newton, Ratajkowski wears PATTON’s clean aesthetics and practical designs. From enduring classics to perennial bestsellers, the brand offers a range of easy-to-wear pieces that fit into any wardrobe. Its fashion statement? Neither following trends; rather, always catering to individuals of all genders, ages, and sizes.

PATTON understands the chaos of our modern world, where time is a precious commodity that should not go to waste on trivial decisions like what to wear. With a nod to positive daily patterns, the brand offers a refreshing take on contemporary essentials, empowering customers to navigate their daily routines with ease.

Emily Ratajkowski Teams Up with Filipino Brand PATTON
Simplicity chic through versatility is the outlook of the lifestyle brand quieting the noise

And who better to represent this ethos than Ratajkowski herself? With her multitasking prowess and fashion-forward flair, she becomes PATTON’s philosophy. In her own words, “The way I get dressed in the morning can make a big difference in the role I’ll be playing that day.”

The lifestyle wear label is all about feeling good. With their signature “one-and-done” inspired outfits, they’ve figured out how to dress with flair without the fuss. It’s a winning wardrobe hack for the modern-day dynamo, the go-getter with no time for mishaps and malfunctions. 

Emily Ratajkowski Teams Up with Filipino Brand PATTON
The multihyphenate says wearing PATTON “feels amazing”

In other words, PATTON is the conscious approach to self-care. Each piece is designed to be worn individually or mixed and matched with existing wardrobe staples. It’s style for the mindful consumer, the one who values quality, comfort, and style in equal measure. Emily Ratajkowski articulates, “Wearing PATTON makes me feel amazing. It’s so versatile, it’s comfortable, and it works for all these moments in my life.” 

Photos and Featured Image: PATTON

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