Endless Beauty by HBS: Products That Transcend Value And Empowerment For Women

Endless Beauty by HBS: Products That Transcend Value And Empowerment For Women


This local label is not just your typical beauty brand. It is a proud fusion of affordable beauty regimens and grand communities made up of confident stakeholders.

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What makes a good brand? Is it rooted in the products and/or services? One must understand that beyond the marketing and even eye-catching highly coveted offerings, what the brand stands for is what truly makes it shine.

For this very reason, the foundation of many businesses is built on the intangible and more importantly, what is transcending—like values found printed in “vision and mission” statements. Because at the end of the day, these are what cut across the thick fog of operational matters that are merely the tip of the iceberg. Values are what make a great brand and what allows trust from customers to follow. 

For beauty powerhouse, Endless Beauty by HBS, their consumers’ and developed communities’ trust are hinged on their values of transparency and impartiality. This is seen in the way that they market their offerings—they veer away from giving unbiased promotions and instead, educate users on the “how’s” and “what’s”.

The beauty label commenced operations from CEO Jamie Prado’s minute capital of P1,500 in 2007. The business was built in the hopes of placing affordable options for skincare regimens in the market. By being a reseller herself and actually finding value in what she’s doing and marketing, she grew her little side business into the beauty empire that it is now. Come 2019, she has grown her small team into a community that’s been penetrated through genuine care and effective storytelling in social media. Her army of distributors and resellers was born and is continually growing by the minute. 

It is truly a sight to behold when women from all walks of life, from single mothers to laid off employees with precarious futures, are given the opportunity to empower themselves through entrepreneurship. It is no surprise that testimonies from different stakeholders from the enterprise’s community are prevalent. These real life stories are equivalent to lives turned around and hope found amidst the bleak state that the pandemic has exposed many, especially the masses, to. Here is just one amongst a good deal of testimonials for full-proof of how Endless Beauty by HBS’ products is more than just pure business, but something definitely deeper. 

Reseller Kyx Maylene De Roxas’ Experience With Endless Beauty by HBS

Kyx was part of the lot that was deeply affected by the repercussions of COVID-19. She was thrust into a spiral of problems that was caused by losing her source of income due to the pandemic. A mother of 3 daughters and pregnant, she had to swiftly find another way to provide for her growing family. It was then that she crossed paths with Endless Beauty by HBS through the means of her cousin, Joy, who is an authorized distributor and patronizer of the brand. Come September 2020, the initial dark path set by the prevalent virus cleared and Kyx became an official dealer for the label. Her life turned 160°—she gained more than enough money to not only cover the needs of her immediate family, but also her extended family in Batangas. That is not the best part yet. What she takes most pride in is being able to build up her own savings, base of knowledge and self-confidence. Talk about women empowerment, right?  

Kyx is part of the grand community of Endless Beauty by HBS that finds merit in the small capital that is necessary to start your own business. Because of her new-found spirit and determination, she herself has become an advocate of the brand’s values and products. Kyx, stemming from her own valuable experience, now uses the label’s platform to encourage others to invest in building their confidence and profits by means of entrepreneurship. 

How To Be Part Of Endless Beauty by HBS’ Community

If you’ve made it this far and you also want to flourish like Kyx, Endless Beauty by HBS offers various packages. You can start your entrepreneurship journey for as low as P2,000 to P34,500 and reach profits as big as P40,500 to P150,000. The size of the capital and yield are reliant on which of the 4 product categories you will be choosing to sell. These are whitening/skincare, cosmetics, hair care and perfume. It is also highly dependent on what type of seller you will be. The available options are to be a distributor, dealer, reseller or sub seller

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