Erich Gonzales Reveals Her Simple Skincare Secret

Erich Gonzales Reveals Her Simple Skincare Secret


One of the things you might first notice about actress Erich Gonzales is her healthy, glowing complexion. What is her secret, exactly? Well, it seems that we finally have an answer to that. In addition to eating healthy and working out every day, she shares with everyone her go-to skincare brand: SNAILWHITE.

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To many beauty enthusiasts, SNAILWHITE isn’t anything new, as it is known for its cult-like following in its home base Thailand and countries near it. What is new, however, is the fact that the brand has officially launched in the Philippines.

“I actually came from Bangkok recently and saw how big of a deal it was there,” starts Erich. “I’m excited for people here to try it! It’s such a great brand.”

Erich Gonzales Reveals Her Simple Skincare Secret Snail White

When asked about her favorite product from the brand, Erich is quick to reply, saying that their Snail Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream is at the top of her list. “Since I’ve started using that product every day, my skin appeared more healthy and fresh. It’s also perfect for the weather here since mainit dito, and it doesn’t have that sticky feel we hate. It’s very absorbent,” Erich says.

Erich believes that Filipinos will be quick to embrace the brand: “I think people here will love the brand. Like I said, it’s perfect for our weather. But aside from that, SNAILWHITE caters many skincare concerns as well.”

For more information on SNAILWHITE, follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @snailwhitephils.

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