Eva Le Queen: The Purveyor of Drag Excellence

Eva Le Queen: The Purveyor of Drag Excellence


Welcoming you to the playhouse, Eva Le Queen reflects on the profundity of her Drag Race Philippines experience.

For longtime Filipino Drag Race fans, the idea of having our version was once but a dream. We knew it was possible. Our local drag scene flows with talent the world needs to experience; that’s why we knew we deserved a slice of the pie that RuPaul was serving. It was just a question of when.

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The stars aligned, and the show finally has a Philippine zip code. It felt surreal watching the show we all love highlighting unapologetic Pinoy queerness and referencing our culture for the entire world to see. It certainly hit differently because a lot of us felt represented and seen.

Eva Le Queen glided through the competition without earning a coveted Ru badge. But like what she said in the show, albeit jokingly, it isn’t a requirement.

“My sisters doing well doesn’t take away from my own greatness. I wasn’t there to prove that I’m the best,”

Eva Le Queen

Her relentless spirit soldiered on despite one major stumble that crushed her.

With Grace and Grit

Eva reveals that her proudest moment in the show is the one with Rajo Laurel. “I was amazed and surprised at how I handled it. It’s an experience none of the other girls had gone through: to showcase that amount of grace, patience, and humility at that exact moment. I’ve always been strong, but it really showed character at that moment. I’m proud because dala ko sa competition ‘yung morals ko, ‘yung values ko as a person, how I was raised by my parents, and the things that I’ve been through.” Reliving this was hard for her because it was only then that she could permit herself to process the pain entirely. The messages from those you really don’t know who’s watching. You really don’t know the impact that you leave these people. That’s why you always do your best. You don’t know who you’re inspiring at any given point,” she adds.

In the competition, she may sometimes doubt her skills or talents, but her intent stayed solid and unwavering. The professionalism of drag was brought up when asked why she should be the first Drag Race PH superstar in episode nine. It was delivered with conviction, an earnest plea. As the matriarch of Drag Playhouse, we saw how she elevated the art form and expanded the platform. Having gained the platform that is Drag Race, she wishes to continue the work of being able to introduce drag to more people. “The more people that see drag queens succeed, not just in bars, give them permission to live their best lives. I want more people to see that. I’m going to continue living my best life so I can empower more people.”

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