This is Everything You Need to Know About Infratherapy, the Hottest Wellness Trend

This is Everything You Need to Know About Infratherapy, the Hottest Wellness Trend


Among the innovations in the health and wellness industry, Infratherapy is literally the hottest craze that promises to help people detoxify, relieve body aches and pains, get rid of water retention, and improve mental health & well-being

Over the years, modern health, fitness, and wellness innovations have been a regular staple in our quest for stress-relief and self-love activities. Several beauty, health, and wellness trends such as forest bathing, proactive pain management, cryotherapy, collagen intake, mindset coaching, cosmetic acupuncture, and adopting a plant-forward approach have been found to aid the body in fighting stress and promoting overall health.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines two years ago, people became even more health-obsessed. Many are now discovering various preventive ways to help curb disease and boosting their immune system.

Finding our way back to the post-pandemic world now comes with the hype for various modalities to strengthen the mind and body. With infratherapy, you can get back on track with its various benefits and perhaps retrieve the time lost in the past two years with the treatment’s healing promise.

A treatment for pain and inflammation

Infratherapy, or infrared therapy, started in Japan as early as 1965. It used to be an exclusive health procedure in clinics for the purpose of physical therapy and pain reduction. The treatment is done by exposing your body to infrared light, allowing it to penetrate around two to seven centimeters deep into your skin, penetrating the muscles, joints and bones. Your body can then enjoy the benefits of heat without affecting or damaging the outer layer of your skin, giving you room to sweat out all the toxins and soothe tense muscles. Aside from that, the sweat that your body secretes leads to better lymphatic drainage and detoxification, and helps in removing cellulites and water retention.

The vital difference

To fully maximize the benefits of infratherapy, Joyce A. Ramirez the head of top entertainment & celebrity PR firm PUBLICITYASIA as well as an avid health enthusiast, purchased an infratherapy bed called Vital Dome and shared with us the many benefits of having a personal unit for maximum privacy and convenience. 

“I got my first trial back in 2019 at this clinic in Makati,” Joyce shared. “I read about infratherapy being the latest craze among celebrities in Los Angeles and New York, so I was very much attracted to the idea of trying it out.”

For Joyce, the idea of doing Vital Dome regularly is a great investment for overall health and wellness. 

“I initially rented the unit for a month last June 2021. But since Vital Dome provided me with a brand new machine, I decided to just go ahead and purchase it,” Joyce explained. “After using it daily for a week or so, I just didn’t want to part ways with it anymore. So I made an offer and they gave me a very good deal.”

Manufactured by Vital Tech in France, the Vital Dome allows a user to comfortably lie flat on the back with the neck down inside the chamber while the head is out.

Inside, far-infrared rays are generated through carbon panels that penetrate the body, safely raising the temperature to help the body detoxify by releasing sweat. The infrared is able to penetrate deep inside the body, warming up the muscles and joints to help get rid of aches and pains as well as boost metabolism.

During the 45 to 60 minutes treatment, the user feels completely relaxed and worry-free.

In Joyce’s case, like everyone else, the two-year pandemic hindered her workout and wellness routines, so the Vital Dome became a no-brainer to purchase. 

“It’s the best go-to solution for health nuts like me to help the body detoxify and cleanse both in and out,” Joyce explains. 

Based on her experience, the Vital Dome heats the body deep enough to reach the muscles, nerves, and even the bone. Many studies have also shown that infrared is best used for healing inflammatory conditions.

“It’s excellent for regeneration, relaxation, detoxification and in the case of athletic training… it is the best for recuperation.”

Since Joyce opted to invest in her own unit rather than booking in a spa or clinic, she is able to adjust the settings according to her own preferences. “A typical session is 45 minutes which can set you back at P7,000.00 per treatment in most commercial clinics. But since I purchased my own unit, I can program it at an extended 60 minutes with temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees celsius.” 

Infratherapy, or infrared therapy, started in Japan as early as 1965. It used to be an exclusive health procedure in clinics for the purpose of physical therapy and pain reduction.

She also shared about the comforts of owning a Vital Dome machine. “What’s nice is I could easily rest my body on either sides, I am able to face the TV screen and watch my favorite series or films while my body undergoes the hour-long treatment,” she explains. 

After a long day of work or before going to bed is the best time to use Vital Dome. 

“It is so relaxing that many times, I fall asleep during treatment.”

The effects of using the Vital Dome almost every day for six months has produced stunning results for Joyce. “I have better sleep quality. My skin looks better and I feel healthier, too,” she happily shared. 

“The best health benefit, however, is that all my stress, anxieties, worries and lockdown-related depression seem to have magically disappeared.” 

Joyce now sports a more positive and relaxed outlook in life. “I consider Vital Dome the best investment I made during the pandemic.”

Because nothing is more bespoke than enjoying a luxurious treatment at the comforts of your own home.

Vital Dome is available in the Philippines through its exclusive distributor i3 Inc. Learn more about infratherapy and Vital Dome by visiting their website. You may also visit Vital Dome’s Facebook and Instagram pages and get that self-loving experience that you deserve!

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