Everything You Missed At The MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019

Everything You Missed At The MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019


From the runway shows, beauty looks, to celebrity spotting, here’s an all-access pass to all the things you missed at MEGA Fashion Week 2019.

Every year, MEGA takes the week-long stylish fete to the next level. And to say that this year was fashionably extravagant is actually an understatement, because our featured designers came to showcase their best collections, thus far. Of course, the beauty division also didn’t hold anything back as they equally matched all the beguiling looks of the shows. But what really turned heads at the fashionable soireé held at One Canvas events place are none other than all the celebrities and personalities present in support of their favorite designers. Worried you might have missed some? Fret not, here’s a recap of MEGA Fashion Week 2019.

Fashion In Full Circle

Compared to the previous years where we have highlighted notable designers who are already making waves globally, this year’s fashion week was a mix of well-established couturiers with their homecoming collection and fast-emerging talents in Philippine fashion. This year, the collections were either drawn from two things: a decade in the 20th century or a looking back at their own heritage. Hence, it was no surprise that the runway shows were in full circle, showcasing breathtaking collections—from the feminine, soft pieces to edgy, avant-garde looks.


Kickstarting MEGA Fashion Week 2019 with a bang, we saw how celebrity stylist and designer Bang Pineda constantly breaks the fashion rules and makes the new rules of style. He teemed the runway with a bevy of atypical athletic outerwear that screams his signature irreverent sense of style.

A clear contrast from the first night, emerging young designer Chris Nick was all about class and sophistication. He brought us back to the 40s showcasing the veracious resplendence of what was a fashion evolution back then—from shorter hemlines to hourglass silhouettes, all evocative of luxe fashion.

Yves Camingue, on the other hand, opted to capture the real glitz and glam of the 80s. So, power dressing was prevalent in his collection, incorporating a distinct kaleidoscopic aesthetic with bright hues and sparkling numbers.

For the third night, designers taught us the importance of looking back at your own heritage. Ebiro championed the true beauty of Filipino folklore as the dynamic duo got their primary inspiration from the Bakunawa, a sea deity. Hence, animal prints, especially leathers in snake-skin, dominated the runway.

Following Ebiro is Los Angeles-based Filipino designer, Puey Quiñones who paid tribute to the woman who first believed in him and advanced his career in fashion–MEGA’s Founding Editor Sari Yap. For his holiday collection, he followed the advice of Sari Yap to go back to his original aesthetic, which is draping. Lo and behold, we must admit we were easily captivated by each of his magnificent creations.

Charging up the fourth night with no shortage of electrifying action, Converse transported us to the 90s era with a deluge of basketball patterns. Featuring the brand’s all-new VLTG collection, they brilliantly broke the boundaries of athletic wear by going for a mix of contemporary looks in punk and street renditions.

Taking us back a bit further to the 1920s, Roland Alzate highlighted the era of excessive glamour and sensuality. After his four-year hiatus of doing runway shows, he came back strong showcasing the definitive splendor of Tamara De Lempicka’s Art Deco renderings and iconic Cartier jewels.

Moving forward to the swinging 60s, Noel Crisostomo presented a holiday collection that’s truly his: an ultra-femme holiday collection. Inspired by a ruffled Cristobal Balenciaga cape he saw when he was young, he created a collection evocative of his mastery of couture techniques—from drapings, A-line silhouettes, appliqués, embroideries, to beadwork.

Finally, capping-off the week-long event are Cheetah Rivera in collaboration with L’Oreal Professionnel. Taking cues from L’Oréal’s vision of a woman—elegant, fiery, and limitless—Cheetah played with fabrications, tailoring, and layering. Thus, unleashing a collection that marvelously champions wearability and femininity.

Beauty In All Ages

As the majority of the designers took us all for a trip down memory lane, the beauty team took the opportunity to also highlight the different facets of the 20th century—from the 20s to the 90s. With BYS leading the charge with the make-up and L’Oreal Professionnel with hair, all the designers’ muses and models effortlessly commanded the runway in their showstopping looks.

Edgy eyeliner for men was struck the crowd with the unexpected as it magnificently complemented the avante-garde outfits of Bang Pineda. Followed by glitter all over the face to a classic smokey eye on the following nights, MEGA Fashion Week showcased a number of hair and makeup possibilities.

But more than that, what we loved the most about the beauty department was the live hair demo of L’Oreal Professionnel’s creative hair director Berni Ottjes. He closed the show by styling the hair of three models that had varying hairs—from afro, wavy, to long straight hair–remarkably acing the look with L’Oreal’s Maji Fashion line, of course.

Star-Studded Shows

Just like how the collections and beauty looks stunned everyone during the runway shows, our stylish guests and all the designers’ muses and escorts also caught the crowd’s attention. A bunch of celebrities, influencers, and industry moguls were in attendance every night.

As a matter of fact, Bang Pineda started the week by firing up social media as an army of social media personalities walked for him. We’ve witnessed the likes of Brent Manalo, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Ryan Balila, to name a few.

Keeping up to the first night’s show, Chris Nick made sure to also have a powerful set of muses and escorts. Donning timeless elegant ensembles, Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Karen Ibasco, Miss International Philippines 2019 Patch Magtanong, Marie Lozano, Janeena Chan, and Max Collins beautifully sashayed the runway. As for their male counterparts, Pancho Magno and Enzo Pineda looked dashingly dapper in their suit numbers.

Then, we saw Ebiro prove that beauty queens are not only for sophisticated gowns. Wearing edgy form-fitting animal-printed leather numbers, Reina Hispano Americana Filipinas 2018 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez and Miss Supranational 2018 Jezha Huelar easily dominated the runway. As for their main male counterpart, it’s none other than MEGA Man April 2019 cover star, Raymond Bagatsing.

Reina Hispano Americana Filipinas 2018 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, Raymond Bagatsing, and Miss Supranational 2018 Jezha Huelar

Finally, as Converse boasts of a significant style upgrade by incorporating high-contrast chevron designs in their new VLTG collection, the shoe brand only saw it fitting that Kiana Valenciano close the show. The star looked stunningly edgy in a sparkling all-black ensemble.

Kiana Valenciano

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