EXCLUSIVE: 8 BINI-Inspired Nail Art From Their BINIVerse Nail Artist

EXCLUSIVE: 8 BINI-Inspired Nail Art From Their BINIVerse Nail Artist


BINI’s concert nails are as bright and cheery as their music, and it’s all thanks to seasoned nail artist of ELINAILS, Elina Jung

There are certain beauty notes from BINI that visually signal their vim and vigor: bright red hair, holographic makeup, kitschy outfits, and painted pastel nails. The works of art created on the tips of their fingers? Elina Jung of ELINAILS. She gave the members soft, sorbet-like hues of baby pink, light lemon, and mint green—a nod to BINIverse’s colors—topped with dramatic chromes, an ombré effect, and shimmery pearl-like shine. MEGAStyle talks to the artist about her work on the members just in time for last weekend’s three-day concerts.

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Making BINI’s Nails Bloom

The nail artist has been expertly sculpting and painting nails since 2012, so it’s no surprise she was tapped and spent the day, in her words, as “BINI Eli,” to keep the colorful energy going with pops of pastel to kick off the concert.

“Ica and I first talked about crazy designs and nail extensions, but since I only had one hour per member, we leaned towards their natural nail length; then chrome, metallic, and the colors of the BINIverse. I prepared many pegs, and then we let the members choose,” Eli tells MEGAStyle.

BINI Mikha's nails by Eli Nails
Mikha’s nails
BINI Sheena's nails by Eli Nails
Sheena’s nails

The soft pastels of the BINIverse are the perfect choice for something not so bold; they’re a subtle pop of color, and have a milky white base that allows for pigment in a light and airy way. For Eli, she gravitated towards softer, less vibrant tones that provide excellent coverage and an overall delicate look, giving each of the members custom gel sets.

BINI Gwen's nails by Eli Nails
Gwen’s nails
BINI Stacey's nails by Eli Nails
Stacey’s nails

Nail Color Coding

“We matched the nails with their designated colors; the members have a color assigned to them,” the nail artist continues. “For Maloi, since her color was yellow, I did a yellow hue with white chrome powder on top, then added ribbons because she specifically asked for them. She’s a coquette girl and she loves ribbons.”

BINI Maloi's nails by Eli Nails
Maloi’s nails

With twelve years in the industry, Eli is a woman who has made nail art her area of expertise—and she shines in this respect. BINI’s jaw-dropping outfits deserve equally gorgeous and customized nails with clear 3D elements, stickers, or charms with chrome powder for the lasting effect, and an airbrush finish for the perfect ombré color. 

BINI Colet's nails by Eli Nails
Colet’s nails
BINI Jhoanna's nails by Eli Nails
Jhoanna’s nails
BINI Aiah's nails by Eli Nails
Aiah’s nails

The Fun in Functionality

“With the time constraint that I had, I had to give them a good design, and then also consider na hindi dapat naka-umbok ‘yong charms para hindi maipit sa buhok nila,” Eli continues to share. “They’re changing a lot for the concert, so I just really wanted to make sure it’s not a hindrance, and good thing naman na they said they’re very happy with them, that they’ve never gotten nails like these before, and these were the best nail designs they’ve had,” the artist laughs in obvious joy. “Everyone’s listening to BINI and everyone’s talking about them, and I had a great time. I hope we can do more nails next time.”

BINI Mikha with Eli Nails
Eli with BINI Mikha
BINI Aiah with Eli Nails
Eli with BINI Aiah

Photos and Featured Image: ELI NAILS (Via Instagram)

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