Exclusive Access: Patrick Starrr Bares His Big Beauty Philosophy

Exclusive Access: Patrick Starrr Bares His Big Beauty Philosophy


Following the runaway success of his first collection with MAC Cosmetics, YouTube sensation and Filipino pride Patrick Starrr releases a new collection aptly called, Floral Realness. In light of yet another milestone, we sit down with the makeup guru and talk about all things beauty.

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But instead of dampening the spirit of a younger Starrr, this fanned the flames of his eager passion to make a difference and to pursue and live out a dream he knew he wanted early on: “To be fully involved with makeup.” He didn’t know when, he didn’t know how. But he knew that something was starting and that he would one day be part of that world.

Well, that day has come. (And yes, in case you missed it, that was a Little Mermaid reference.)

With all the things that have happened to you as of late, did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you would be who you are right now?

It is unbelievable. It’s completely crazy and surreal because when you’re on YouTube you don’t really see or feel your audience like a conventional entertainer would. That’s the difference for a digital celebrity, you don’t hear applause but you feel the people’s hearts. What shocks me the most are the different generations and gender that say hi to me.

When I see people happy and hear their stories, especially of those have been fought for to embark on a career or a journey to pursue what they love. And it’s really, really special if you tell that to me time and time again.

Did you ever imagine that from working the counters of MAC that you would be this person that people will be looking up to? What does it feel that you now inspire girls and boys to dabble into beauty?

The youth of today is the future of tomorrow so it’s really cool to spark a movement for equality and inclusivity. It’s great that a brand like MAC can credit someone that’s not a celebrity to inspire their credo of all ages, all races and all sexes. It means so much.

What does it mean to be a Filipino making waves on a global platform?

It is so special. I don’t think a lot of people know that I was a choreographer for a Filipino dance troupe in Orlando. Naturuan ako sumayaw ng tinikling, manlalatik, at sayaw sa bangko para sa Filipino independence day. It was very important. And you know, my brother and I, marunong kaming kumanta ng Bayang Magiliw. We would perform it a capella. I’m planning in the future to do maybe a Filipino beauty tutorial and dance the tinikling, too.

It means so much that Filipinos are so proud because I’m very much rooted in my Filipino culture. And it’s so awesome to inspire those who have parents who don’t really you know, pursue something like this. It’s cool to show these parents that following your dreams can come true.

One of the videos that really catapulted you to the consciousness of the audience is your Cinderella story video. Why is it important for you to keep pushing and paying it forward like that in any given capacity?

It’s so cool because I’ve posted that video three years ago. I think it’s very special that people listened. You know, because as a young, chubby Filipino boy, you didn’t think that people would listen to you. With the power of media, it is a narrative that has come full circle.


As a person of influence, what does the word influence entail? What are the responsibilities of an influencer? Is there a pressure now being who and where you are?

I think just to do social good online, to support those who are insecure or that suffer with mental health is something I shouldn’t let down. If I can be a refuge to those people for happiness, or to provide prevention, it means a lot—to inspire them through entertainment or makeovers. It’s just with a lipstick or a powder, but it’s more than that—we’re changing lives.

Influencer I guess is someone that makes moves. And every move has to be right and ethical. I’m just happy that my parents have taught me to do good. I feel like I was born to be an influencer because I was reared to be a good example to my younger brothers.

While you are clearly known for signature beauty looks, who is Patrick Starrr sans makeup? Who is he according to you yourself?

Patrick Starr is your glamorous gay best friend that is there for you. And that’s the thing; Patrick Starr is an unconventional beauty that is inclusive—with lashes, a turban and big smile.

What does it feel to have your name on a product you were working for when you were starting out? What is it about the brand that has always pulled you in from the start?

It is a circle of life, if you will—literally. The global impact is what MAC has done for me because Mac is a global brand and it is the brand that put me on the map. And that means so much to see my name with a collection that gives an impact to Brazil and even all the way in the Philippines where Kris Aquino has my collection. It didn’t even launch yet [then], so it’s even extra cool that she was able to get her hands on it.

What is your skincare routine like? What are your regimen essentials and secrets, especially that your skin goes through so much beating?

I don’t care how late at night or early in the morning it is, I always have to take it off with wipes. But the hack that I have is I will take an eye makeup remover, you know for the liner and mascara, and ill dump it on the wipes and run it all over my face. A micellar water is also good after to soak up the remover earlier.

I have been using the MAC wipes for sensitive skin. It is the best. I have it everywhere because it is amazing. You can use it for everything, like your pawis. And I’ll use the oil by MAC, too.

How does it feel to have dreams become a reality? What dreams are you looking forward to making truth now?

Maybe to be on a TV show or to make movies. I feel like YouTube isn’t acting but it’s definitely a character and I definitely learned a lot about production and being on set. To have my own show one day, like a makeover show to showcase my talents, is a wonderful idea. Just more Patrick Starrr would be really fun.

We talk about beauty, makeup and skincare at great lengths but for you, what does the word beauty mean?

Beauty means to be happy with oneself. It’s the perception of happiness, I guess. If you feel good, you feel beautiful. It goes hand in hand—when you’re happy, you’re beautiful. And I’m so happy. I’m beauty, I guess. Patrick Starrr is beautiful.


What becomes apparent that even without the lashes, lipstick and turban that makes him look tall, beautiful and as he swears, payat, Patrick Starrr is a true champion of artistry, passion and heart that all combine to make him the extraordinary personality and inspiration that he is today. He has invaluably and veritably changed the world of beauty and he continues to do so with his crusade of inclusivity. It isn’t too shabby for a boy who was told he wore too much makeup.

But at the end of the day, all this isn’t for and about him. “The most important thing is that not only are my dreams coming true, but that of my family as well,” he says. “It’s not the celebrity, not the money, but the lives that change. Even a simple plane ticket to see my family or to fly my mom to me or to see my dad, I think that’s really special.” And this level of rootedness to his core is something that truly sets him apart from the rest.

He is living the dream, bar none. And as he continues to make more dreams happen for himself and others he holds near and dear, we will be rooting for him, because the world needs happier, beautiful souls like him. Clearly, the world needs more of Patrick Starrr. Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

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