EXCLUSIVE: All the Hidden Details in the Group Outfits at the BINIverse Concert

EXCLUSIVE: All the Hidden Details in the Group Outfits at the BINIverse Concert


In this exclusive, MEGAStyle breaks down the BINIverse looks—from the onstage costume change to the hidden outfit details you might have missed

BINI held three sold-out, three-hour shows in three days last June 28 to 30 for the BINIverse: The First Solo Concert. Now, three things make up their stage identities: vocalists, dancers, and fashionistas. The BINIverse hopscotches through the group’s three-year career, and allows the audience to soak in their music, artistry, production, choreography, and of course, fashion—and the eight-piece delivers on all fronts.

Focusing on the fashion, it’s undeniable that the concert produced a sartorial feast. The group is known for their cohesive yet individually distinctive looks, vivid color schemes, and dazzling mix of textures, shapes, and prints—and during the concert, they gave us modern updates to signature BINI looks, new wardrobe additions, and plenty of sparkle and shine. MEGAStyle presents a breakdown of BINI’s concert fashion moments—straight from the source: their visual director and stylist, and the designers who crafted the looks.

BINI performs at BINIverse: The First Solo Concert

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Behind the BINIVerse’s Creative Direction

“These designers have been with the girls since debut—and I wanted to include them in the celebration of how far BINI has come and what they’ve achieved,” Ica Villanueva, visual director and stylist, shares with MEGAStyle. “I based my creative direction on the designers’ expertise and signature style—then applied that to BINI’s branding.”

The BINIverse is all about redefining girl power and girlhood without holding back. This meant an explosion of cheerful and bright colors, as well as high-energy tones and vibes—all of which reflect their rising pop stardom. That said, Ica’s non-negotiables were no blacks, muted tones, or washed out moments that put their aesthetic out of the limelight.

More is more with BINI—from their all-out performances to their style

BINI also gives themselves permission to be the women they want to be at any given moment, which may be why so many little girls are magnetically drawn to them. There’s no easy way to break down their appeal—Ica and the girls have built their world—one which resonates with every generation. “We’re cautious while still being stylish,” Ica continues to share. “Even though they’re all adults now, I didn’t want anything too revealing—we’re marrying modesty and fashion together,” Ica says. “They may be celebrities, but role models pa rin sila sa kids.”

The nation’s girl group sold out three shows last weekend at the New Frontier Theater

When it comes to visually directing the nation’s girl group, Ica blends fabric techniques and basic design principles: “My standards are not luxury brands; my roots are DIY and upcycling,” she asserts. “Aside from the fact that the girls are appreciative, I believe that a high price tag doesn’t equate to quality. Kayang pumorma nang hindi gumagastos nang malaki, and I intend to champion local and young designers on the Philippine stage. Instrument din ang work ko for kids to be creative.”

Ica stylistically directed the whole production—the pressure of BINI’s first solo concert was not lost on her:  “I have to outdo myself after every event,” she laughed. “And this concert—the whole nation was watching. And then may mga ideas and concepts na irereserve ko for the big concert. Now, I’m just thankful and blessed to work with these girls, nakaka-inspire na galingan. Also, management never questions me on my choices. My creative freedom is liberating—kahit ‘di pa nila alam ‘yong final look, they trust me.”

The members were striking on stage with their fits

Take a look at Ica’s style direction for BINIverse:

Raf Villas’ Bubblegum-core Aesthetic 

If there’s a visual feast that perfectly encapsulates BINI’s bubblegum pop genre—it’s Raf Villas’s opening number collection. Emphasizing charm and playfulness with a focus on bright, eye-catching fashion choices. Ica says, “The outfits for the opening tracks ‘Na Na Na’, ‘Lagi,’ and ‘I Feel Good’ will set the mood. They will tell you that this is BINIverse.”

BINI in custom Raf Villas (RAFA Worldwide)

Raf Villas’s creations for BINI are characterized by vibrant hues, tensioned textiles and shapes, sculptural elements, and the innovative use of recycled materials. “We’re looking at very detailed silhouettes,” he tells MEGA Style. “All the rhinestones were individually placed, and the flowers made of recycled plastic bottles were all hand-stitched. Including the accessories and the shoes, we made a showcase of sculptural pieces and ornate beading.”

BINI Sheena for the BINIvers concert in Raf Villas
The pastel colors blue, purple, and pink set the tone for the BINIverse
BINI Stacey for the BINIvers concert in Raf Villas
Raf also intricately placed the rhinestone and flower details on the stockings and shoes

The twinkle of the mini-paillettes created a spectacular, metallic sheen, giving the look an almost surreal, scintillating vibe. They were perfect for the group’s opening number, a glimmering sight even when the girls were up-close or a bit far from where the Blooms were seated. “It’s a challenge because it’s my first time making looks for the girls,” Raf continues to share. “But I believe in their talent and the impact they’re making. So, I’m very thankful to Ica for trusting young designers like me—my design was put on the grand stage.”

Ehrran Montoya’s Metallic Mania

It’s no wonder the eight-piece group commands the New Frontier Theater like a large-scale stage business—they’re in the ensembles to do so. Ehrran Montoya is known for their big and bold creations in the Philippines. For BINI, they’ve crafted extravagant pieces in silver and gold, an elevated nod to their pieces during the Born to Win era. For the concert, the numbers were structured layers lavishly covered in beadwork, flower cutouts, butterfly wings, goosetail and ostrich feathers, and a hodgepodge of shapes that screamed glam couture revival. “All of which are handmade,” Ehrran reveals. “Since this is for the finale, it has to be sparkly, show movement, and show the dangling details.”

BINI in custom Ehrran Montoya

“High luxury,” Ica, on the other hand, weighs in. “It captures the feeling of ‘We made it.’ The color scheme is for champions—which is what BINI are.”

Having just wrapped up their recent bridal collection, the designer had all the reasons to decline. However, the designer weighs in. “Who can say no to BINI?” Ehrran laughs. “It was a risk; it’s like creating a new collection—and my team and I just had one week. But I can’t say no to BINI. These are powerful Gen Z women and this is their first solo concert—I’m happy to be a part of it. Even though these are not the usual silhouettes I design as I’m more into formalwear, making something Y2K and on trend was a challenge, and was very fulfilling to do as an artist.”

Ehrran Montoya sketch BINI outfits concert
Ehrran Montoya’s sketch
Ehrran Montoya BINI outfits concert BINIverse
Ehrran Montoya’s signature touch of fantastical theatrics turned the stage into a runway for the girls

Renan Pacson’s Deconstructed Streetwear

The ‘90s streetwear trend has been a thing for a while, but leave it to BINI, in custom Renan Pacson, to deliver ultimate mic drop moments with hip-hop and Aaliyah-inspired ensembles for their concert. Not afraid to utilize throwback-style duds such as letterman jackets and loose-fitting garments, Renan crafts baggy and casual wardrobe staples in red and blue that could be worn flexibly.

Gwen, Maloi, Jhoanna, and Sheena in Renan Pacson
BINI in custom Renan Pacson

“I had to inject the BINI personality into street and sportswear for ‘Diyan Ka Lang’ and ‘Walo,’” Renan tells MEGAStyle. While the look of hip-hop was generally defined by oversized, low-slung silhouettes, the designer fused different elements into his pieces: “I made a hybrid of a noragi, letterman jacket, and a parka in paper silk. The fabric has a nylon finish that feels very sporty but is usually used for gowns, so I like the idea of using a couture fabric to turn it into a sporty piece. I also added the art of tying, called ‘shibari’ in Japanese culture, so the creations could be modified or layered quickly during their costume changes. There’s a functional purpose—that’s why I gravitated towards those elements.”

BINI Renan Pacson outfits
Renan Pacson leans into the street and sportwear with loose silhouettes for this ensemble

Relaxed, baggy, hindi sobrang glam but let’s play with deconstruction,” Ica described to Renan for the creative direction. On the Philippine stage, the designer’s streetwear collection dominates. For another segment, these loose silhouettes aimed for more comfort in movement and performance.

“I was already making pieces for them before they got big,” Renan says. “Now, it’s emotional for me, as their ‘ninang,’ that I’m part of their journey and I’m seeing them onstage in my art. Ica is happy and the girls are happy—I’m onto the next project hopefully with BINI.”

Renan Pacson jacket with elements from Aaliyah, noragi, and 90s hiphop for the concert
This piece is a mish-mash of elements from Aaliyah, noragi, and 90s hip-hop
Renan Pacson design vintage gasoline boy uniform fashion
This piece was inspired by a vintage gasoline boy uniform
Renan Pacson kimono-like red and blue strings jacket piece
Renan says, “The strings were both decorative and functional to the design of this modular piece.”

Marian Zara’s Denim-on-Denim Maximalism

No BINI stage would be complete without a denim update—there’s always room for the classic fabric. Marian Zara constructed the girls’ “Salamin, Salamin” ensemble—complete with statement-making 3D details to make them a certified sartorial success. BINI’s denim-on-denim style has taken a chic turn courtesy of Ica’s visual direction and Marian’s creative prowess. While the fabric is the building block of our wardrobes, it’s good to shake things up with outfit toppers that are hand-glued and hand-stitched such as acrylic flowers, stuffed toys, beads, stones, and charms.

“I took the more-is-more approach,” Marian points out. “My signature is denim, but this is the first time I’m making something extreme. Hindi ko preference ang extreme, but the details need to be seen as the girls will be on stage. I also leveled up the aesthetic of the ‘Salamin, Salamin’ music video with repurposed denim, then attached all the toppers. Iba-iba ‘yong looks, but at the same time, cohesive sila.”

Marian Zara BINI looks concert behind the scenes
Flower and stone details on the denim skirt
Marian Zara BINI looks concert behind the scenes
Stuffed toys gave depth and dimension to the piece
Marian Zara BINI looks concert behind the scenes
The flowers and rhinestones were all intricately hand-stitched and hand-glued

Behind the Costume Change

Apart from the denim-on-denim outfits, Marian Zara also designed the “wow” segment of the concert: the onstage costume shift from BINI’s predebut fits for “Da Coconut Nut” to the “Pantropiko” glittering floral ensembles.

“I wanted an outfit reveal, a transformation for the girls,” Ica reveals to MEGAStyle. “Pinag-aralan namin ni Marian kung paano gagawin because it’s a symbolic representation that they came from this [pre-debut ‘Da Coconut Nut’], and now they’re this [hitmakers of ‘Pantropiko’]. Their pre-debut song is also very summer-y, so we wanted the audience to feel, with the transition, that ‘Pantropikois the new summer anthem—that this is the upgraded BINI.”

BINI Da Coconut Nut Marian Zara
BINI in custom Marian Zara for Da Coconut Nut
Gwen Aiah Sheena Maloi Jhoanna Stacey Colet Mikha Marian Zara costume change concert for Pantropiko
BINI in custom Marian Zara for Pantropiko

The costume change was the big surprise factor, but they were meticulously engineered, constructed and planned with startling precision. “Usually may exit ang mga performances, at ito wala,” she says. “Kaya ito na ‘yong pinaka-challenging na nagawa ko sa buong career ko. First, we didn’t use velcro. We used magnet slaps para ‘di sya ma-stuck sa shoulders. We also used crepe fabric for Coconut Nut to produce the flowy movement of the outfit change,” the designer explains. “Para ‘pag bumagsak siya, smooth siya tingnan.”

“Nagulat ako sa brief ni Ica, kaya dapat pare-pareho tayong magulat,” she laughs. Watch the costume change here:


RE-UPLOADING THIS ONE ‘COZ TIKTOK TOOK IT DOWN. PORKET 3M VIEWS NA, TATANGGALIN NYO. ORIGINAL VID KO, ICOCOPYRIGHT NYO PA. 🥹 PANTROPIKO – DAY 1 🌸 #biniverse_thefirstsoloconcert #biniph #bini #fyp #bloom #pantropiko #binimikha #binistacey #biniaiah #binicolet #binijhoanna #binigwen #biniaiah

♬ original sound – Apple Aljas – Apple Aljas

The designer continues to say that this was a proud moment for herself, the BINI team, and the girls. “Magkasama na kami ni Ica since day one,” Marian tells MEGAStyle. “This is their first solo concert too, so as a part of their team, I felt fulfilled. Nakasanayan ko na rin ang look nila, what silhouette will fit them—and [Ica’s] trust means a lot to me, kasi nakita niya na isa ako sa mga tamang designers for BINI.”

Photos and Featured Image: BINI (via Facebook), EHRRAN MONTOYA, RAFA WORLDWIDE, RENAN PACSON MARIAN ZARA (via Instagram)

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