EXCLUSIVE: Anntonia Porsild Spills Why She is Consistently Attracted to Filipinas

EXCLUSIVE: Anntonia Porsild Spills Why She is Consistently Attracted to Filipinas


Anntonia Porsild opens up to MEGA about the beautiful bonds she formed with Filipina beauty queens in 2019 and 2023

When we talk about pageants, especially Miss Universe, we often picture intense competition and maybe even tales of women trying to outshine each other. However, Miss Universe Thailand 2023, Anntonia Porsild, challenges these assumptions. To her, the pageant journey wasn’t just about winning; it was a chance to build genuine friendships, finding sisters in unexpected places, and, interestingly, experiencing this sisterhood through the authenticity of a Filipina more than once.

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The Thai beauty queen first caught the attention of pageant enthusiasts in 2019 when she entered the world of pageantry, vying for the title of Miss Supranational. This particular journey holds a memorable place in Anntonia Porsild’s reflections, as she emerged victorious against 76 other participants, one of whom was our own representative, Miss Supranational Philippines 2019, Resham Saeed.

Crowning connections

Anntonia Porsild dazzles in a beautifully draped plum dress designed by Anthony Ramirez for her press conference in the Philippines
Anntonia Porsild dazzles in a beautifully draped plum dress designed by Anthony Ramirez

In recounting her relationship with Resham, she discloses during her press conference here in the Philippines, “When I joined Miss Supranational, Miss Philippines was one of my close friends.” Porsild also points out that the friendship they formed felt like a delightful coincidence. After the competition, their friendship grew, notably showcased through collaborative live streams during the pandemic. Looking ahead five years, despite minimal public visibility of their interactions, the sisterhood they established remains strong, manifesting in supportive comments exchanged sometimes, particularly on Instagram.

Twice the grace

Later, in 2023, Porsild surprised everyone by rejoining the competition at Miss Universe Thailand. This move, though bold and risky, required her to start afresh after winning an international title. Imagine the challenge of going through the entire process again to earn the opportunity to represent her country. Adding to the complexity was the pressure of expectations for a repeat victory. Nevertheless, Porsild faced this challenge with a blend of grace and courage.

The Thai beauty queen shares how the Filipina representative stood by her side at Miss Universe 2023
The Thai beauty queen shares Michelle Dee stood by her side at Miss Universe 2023

“During our time together in El Salvador and in Mexico, I feel like our bond really got stronger because even though it was a competition, we still had each other’s backs, we still supported each other, and uplifted each other throughout our entire time there .” Porsild goes on to share the depth of the Filipina beauty queen’s support, highlighting Dee’s role in keeping her collected during and post-competition. Securing the first runner-up position was an undeniably significant achievement, yet it couldn’t fully dispel the feeling that the ultimate goal was still a step away. However, in the reassuring embrace of the Filipina beauty queen, as evidenced in their widely shared post-coronation moment, Porsild unmistakably felt the calm and warmth of a genuine friend.

“I don’t think that my journey in Miss Universe would have been the same if you weren’t there to be by my side.”

Antonnia Porsild reflects on the influence Michelle Dee had on her during the Miss Universe competition

The friendship of what could be considered one of the most noteworthy Miss Universe duos in history continued to blossom after Miss Universe. This is affirmed by the PorDee supporters, who steadfastly back the two women in their ventures after their pageant, be it as a united front or individually. Following her enduring connection with the Filipino community, the Thai beauty queen finally visited our country. She also expresses sincere enthusiasm for the chance to finally visit the location where the women and fans who have played a role in her pageant journey are based.

Although the trip to the Philippines faced some challenges and delays, she expressed gratitude to Philippine Airlines through her Instagram story for resolving the situation, enabling her safe arrival on January 30. During the press conference, it was evident in Porsild’s eyes and statements that she feels surreal to realize she is finally here.

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Anntonia Porsild opens up about overcoming challenges to be here and expresses joy meeting her Filipino fans

“I think it’s because of the authenticity that each individual holds. The common ground that I’ve noticed is that each one of them [is] always true to who they are. They are not afraid to use their voice, they are not afraid to be funny, they are not afraid to act dumb and be different, and that’s what I really love about Michelle [and] Rae.”

The Thai beauty queen talks about the qualities she appreciates in Filipinos as friends

Bridging borders with beauty

Porsild mentions that if she had more time, she’d love to explore more Filipino dishes aside from Adobo, which she was able to try, and visit destinations, especially our Philippine beaches—inspired by stories from her Filipina best friends. Although her visit is brief, the Thai beauty queen assures that this marks just the start of numerous exciting journeys to come.

The Thai beauty queen wishes her visit sparks stronger camaraderie between the two pageant-loving nations

Wrapping up the night, the beauty queen emphasizes that beyond touring the country, she wishes this visit would help pageant fans understand that pageantry isn’t solely about pitting women against each other. Instead, it serves as a wonderful platform that fosters even stronger connections among them. Porsild concludes, saying, “I am a strong believer in leading by example, and I think that actually PorDee is the best example to explain the situation because it comes from two countries that are always fighting each other, always nitpicking each other. [In] the end, of course, everyone has the right to their own opinion and has the right to say what they want, but it is our own responsibility to use our platform as a positive space—to spread positivity and respect to other people.”

Photographed by GRANT BABIA

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