EXCLUSIVE: Belle Mariano Reigns as Modern Belle at Star Magical Prom 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Belle Mariano Reigns as Modern Belle at Star Magical Prom 2024


Stylist Adrianne Concepcion shares with MEGA the inspiration behind Belle Mariano’s dress at this year’s Star Magical Prom

Belle Mariano stepped in a tale as old as time—or, rather, as glamorous as a white carpet affair. The actress attracted attention at the Star Magical Prom 2024 in a creation by Francis Libiran inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Teaming up with celebrity stylist Adrianne Concepcion as her fairy godmother, Mariano’s ensemble looks to the fairy tale charm, mesmerizing attendees with its yellow, sparkle, and magic elements.

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Styled by Adrianne Concepcion, the overall look was inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Concepcion stressed how crucial it was to incorporate the actress’s personal style. “It’s a different Belle, it’s a sexy Belle, it’s coming into her own woman,” she explained, defining Mariano’s portrayal of the now. 

Accessorized with diamond accents from LVNA, Mariano’s dress shimmered with a brilliance fit for a princess. “What is fantasy without some frost? They’ll be wearing diamonds to add sparkle and magic into her look,” Concepcion underscores the captivating charm of these icy adornments.

The dress was designed by Francis Libiran

Working alongside Mariano proved to be a joyous collaboration for the stylist, who praised the actress’s humility and openness to creative ideas. “It’s very collaborative. It’s such a breeze working for her,” she shares, highlighting Mariano’s receptive spirit and collaborative ethos.

Glittering stones are formed around the bust of the yellow foundation

Concepcion drew inspiration from the actress’s innate stylishness and fashion-forward sensibilities when translating Mariano’s everyday style into the embodiment of Belle. “When you stalk them on Instagram and you see her everyday outfits, it’s so chic,” she noted, pointing out Mariano’s relevant trendiness. 

With the fairy tale theme, the entire ensemble also captures Belle Mariano’s personal style

At the Star Magical Prom 2024, Belle Mariano became a modern-day fairy tale. When translating the actress into the embodiment of Belle, Concepcion drew inspiration from the actress’s forward-thinking fashion sense. Like the magic of a rose in bloom, Mariano blossomed, with the help of a village.

Featured Image: FRANCIS LIBIRAN and JAKE GALVEZ (via Instagram)


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