EXCLUSIVE: BINI’s Holographic Makeup Look For BINIverse, Explained by their Glam Team

EXCLUSIVE: BINI’s Holographic Makeup Look For BINIverse, Explained by their Glam Team


The BINIverse: The First Solo Concert was a sartorial spectacle of beauty looks. MEGAStyle talks to the teams behind the BINI members’ glam

It’s been a week since BINI has celebrated their musical chapters thus far with the whole nation at BINIverse: The First Solo Concert, but one thing staying with us is their concert glam and bold stage looks—all maintained under the spotlight and with a three-hour-long choreographed dance routine to get through.

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It’s not just the grandiloquent concert outfits that made BINI all the more stunning on stage—the glimmer and glitter of their beauty looks are worth the spotlight, too. Say goodbye to soft glam and clean girl; we’re all about the holographic glam now! That is thanks to the group’s visual director and stylist Ica Villanueva who made sure to communicate the BINIverse’s branding of cheerful and bright colors.

“The glam team talked about the overall visual and followed Ica’s pastel holographic beauty direction, so we don’t go against the overall theme of the concert,” Theresa Padin, seasoned makeup artist tells MEGAStyle. “But we were also given creative freedom on how to complement the faces of the members assigned to us, on what colors to use, and what techniques to apply.”

BINI Maloi's makeup by Angeline Tan; nails by Elina Jung of elinails.co.
BINI Maloi; Makeup by Angeline Tan and Nails by Elina Jung of elinails.co.

As the octet performed at New Frontier Theater, they served the crowd with doll-like beauty, care of local makeup artists Angeline Tan, Theresa Padin, Carell Garcia, and Julius Cabanisas. Of course, the ladies of BINI also have a self-referenced BINIverse-inspired manicure to match, courtesy of nail artist Elina Jung of elinails.co.

The Beauty Direction

The pastel holographic glam was the art direction from Ica to maintain cohesiveness across the members’ faces, complementing their individually unique yet harmonious concert outfits as well. Then, it was up to the face artists to make up the ladies’ faces according to their distinct features.

Angeline Tan for Mikha and Maloi

Makeup artist Angeline Tan’s passion and talent of understanding the face is evident in Mikha and Maloi’s faces. “I drew inspiration from Korean and douyin style makeup kasi bagay sila doon,” Angeline Tan shares. The former infuses skincare with makeup, highlighting the face’s “natural” glow. Meanwhile, the Chinese-derived douyin style typically uses shimmery eye shadow in glitter or pastel colors, and a pigmented pink blush. Tan adds, “This look is something I don’t usually do, so it was a perfect opportunity to try this kind of stage makeup.”

BINI Mikha makeup by Angeline Tan
The artist discloses, “For Mikha, I put red tones on her eyes, blush, and lips, because I wanted to match her hair.”

The secret to making the glam last from kickoff to the final bow? “Heavy-duty setting spray. Also, I used more matte-based base products para buildable sa packed na packed glitter,” she reveals. “We used as many as shimmer and glitter as possible para maganda sa stage. I also added stones inspired by K-Pop stage makeup so when the light shines on it, it reflects as a sparkle, and you don’t really see the stones.”

BINI Maloi makeup by Angeline Tan
For Maloi, Angeline Tan sticks to the Douyin look as it suits her best: “She looks like an anime character.”

Angeline’s artistry involves bringing out Maloi and Mikha’s natural features with a signature sparkle rather than obscuring the wearer’s natural beauty. “I used spiky lashes with spaces in between, and then based the colors on their blue, pink, and purple outfits,” she says. “The shimmer has a two-tone shift of color, so when they move, the colors change as well.”

Watch the duochrome shift of the holographic makeup here.

Theresa Padin for Jhoanna and Colet

Theresa Padin has studied the Philippine beauty landscape with ease, having developed countless runway-worthy looks. Now, she’s a beauty expert known for her colorful, exuberant approach. For BINI members Jhoanna and Colet, her strategy was to apply the colors, contour, and highlight with precision. “I veered away from their usual chic, crystal or flower-embellished face, and preppy signature look. I focused on highlighting their natural features and worked from there,” Theresa tells MEGAStyle. “I went for a balanced yet defined look, something long-lasting and able to match all costumes throughout the show. The luminescence was a timely tribute of course, visually fitting the stars that they have now become.”

BINI Jhoanna makeup by Theresa Padin
Theresa reveals she used three different iridescent duo-chrome powders to resemble a holographic streak on the girls’ cheeks
BINI Jhoanna makeup by Theresa Padin
The look added luminosity, dimension, and structure to Jhoanna’s face

The artist’s application of stage makeup becomes a powerful tool that allows the BINI members to effectively portray a wide range of emotions while performing. She made sure that their looks were sweat-proof, long-lasting, and “that the warmth of the stage lights won’t turn their faces into oily balls during their performance.”

BINI Colet makeup by Theresa Padin
Inner corner highlight was used to make Colet’s eyes more distinct
BINI Colet makeup by Theresa Padin
Theresa’s expertise in makeup placement gave Colet an unforgettable stage makeup

Julius Cabanisas for Gwen, Stacey, and Sheena

For Gwen, Stacey, and Sheena, Julius’s techniques sparked a feeling of levity and fun—colors and textures that spark positive feelings and capture the narrative of the BINIverse. “I drew inspiration from Korean, Thai, and other Asian beauty influences,” Julius shares with MEGAStyle. “But applying my own touches, I crafted a look that will make them look like pop stars from the Philippines, not pop stars from anywhere else.”

BINI Stacey makeup by Julius Cabanisas
Julius focused on the glitter and holographic shimmer, then placed rhinestones for additional sparkle

With his expertise, it’s clear that everyone Julius touches is left with a look of assured confidence that easily captures attention—and Gwen, Stacey, and Sheena are no exceptions. “This is a new look for the girls, different from their past events, and so the visual team thought, ‘How are we going to make this special?’” With Ica’s beauty direction and the makeup artist’s expertise, the shimmering iridescent hues of the holographic aesthetic created an ethereal, prismatic look for the girls—distinctly their own and different from other pop stars.

BINI Gwen makeup by Julius Cabanisas
The makeup artist placed emphasis on the lashes and eyeliner, creating an effect that is seen even from afar
BINI Sheena makeup by Julius Cabanisas
Sheena dazzles in iridescent hues that complement her outfit perfectly
BINI Sheena makeup by Julius Cabanisas
The Julius touch? Emphasized and graphic eyeliner

Perfecting the base was also another secret, and using materials that are well-formulated and smooth enough to build on. “More matte and more setting powder,” Julius says. “That’s how they can perform while still looking perfect.”

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