EXCLUSIVE: ENHYPEN Reveals Streetwear is Their Go-to Style

EXCLUSIVE: ENHYPEN Reveals Streetwear is Their Go-to Style


ENHYPEN is not only this generation’s K-Pop powerhouse, but also an emerging fashion force to be reckoned with

Since their debut in 2020, it is clear that K-Pop group ENHYPEN has established their status as a true icon in today’s sound. With their clear-cut precision and mastery of choreography, electrifying performances, and soulful vocal prowess, the group has made waves beyond the borders of their home country, Korea. But more than that, the seven-piece has also developed a unique yet nuanced sense of style of their own. During their press conference for their BENCH collaboration, the group talked about how they were well-aware of trends and that all members were interested in fashion. Ni-Ki, in particular, said, “My fashion style has evolved, but recently, I’m leaning towards a lot of streetwear.” Jay also weighed in and agreed, “I’m a fan of street fashion, too.” As all the boys have a debonair sense of street fashion, MEGAStyle decodes some of their streetwear looks. 

ENHYPEN is a seven-member K-Pop group

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Animal prints as a statement piece

Animal prints may be the pop of color for a minimalist’s ideal wardrobe, or they can be the finishing touch to bring some spice into your closet. When taking inspiration from the animal world, the fashion looks can definitely cause a stir. Animal print thrives on the play with contrasts: It hits the sweet spot between subtle and dramatic, and is therefore perfect for a casual look. Equally gaudy, expressive, and cool, members Jake and Ni-Ki rock the animal prints in their street fashion. Jake makes a statement with some street style equation—a cheetah-printed jacket, washed grey denim jeans, a sheer printed undergarment, and chunky silver jewelry. Meanwhile, Ni-Ki completes his ensemble with strategic and textured layering of a fishnet-fabric innerwear and denim vest.

Jake layering animal print street enhypen
Jake pulls off an animal-print ensemble effortlessly
Jay layering animal print street enhypen
Ni-Ki also plays with different fabrics in this look

Fabric Combination

The leather and denim combination is not new; it’s a bold and daring tale as old as the rocking times. However, to the true fashion enthusiast such as ENHYPEN, it’s not unheard of nor is it a one-look-wonder. Jungwon and Sunghoon prove their style prowess with their denim and leather fashion favorites on rotation, translating their on-stage dynamism effortlessly into each of their wardrobes. Jungwon also applies another element of street fashion—oversized garments. These loose pieces add structure to the look especially when applied in the correct places such as the shoulders and waist.

Jungwon street fashion baggy loose oversized leather denim
Jungwon exudes a cool and edgy vibe with his all-black ensemble, adding silver jewelry accessories to elevate his look
Streetwear Enhypen Sunghoon pop of color leather jacket denim jeans
Sunghoon breaks up the usual black leather and opts for a vibrant pop of color instead to match with his denim jeans and white shirt; the red-shaded sunglasses are the icing on the cake

Black and White Simplicity (and Versatility) 

The foundation of streetwear starts with the basics—t-shirts, jackets, sneakers—in neutral colors such as black and white, then amplified through styling. The versatility of these pieces allow the wearer to create their own unique look by mixing and matching, or by keeping it simple. Like Heeseung, a white tee and baggy jeans, paired with a simple gold chain and Chuck Taylors are already a nod to streetwear, built on comfort and freedom of movement. An added technique to add a cool spin to one’s basic tee? Folding the sleeves. Sunoo, meanwhile, added visual interest by cohesively complementing the black of his jacket with his pants. Even in the simplest of garments, Heeseung and Sunoo make anything look haute couture.

Enhypen Heesung basics folded shirt tee converse shoes street style
On Heeseung, the best basics make for easy outfit formulas that are foolproof and stylish
Sunoo statement shirt minimalist
Streetwear is all about making a statement—a minimalist statement white tee can already do wonders

A matching outfit is also a favorite outfit formula of street fashion

While streetwear is a hodgepodge of elements, sizes, and fabrics, matching sets or ‘co-ords’ hit the right mix of fashion and casual and are your no-fail solution to looking good when out and about. Jay’s fit is the perfect embodiment of this, adding dimension to his ensemble by pairing denim outerwears with denim jeans. While matching garments of the same fabric are nothing new, it has endured in the fashion industry as the go-to option for when you need a coherent yet laidback look.

Jay ENHYPEN street fashion Prada co-ords coords style
In a monochromatic number, Jay demonstrates he knows his sartorial preferences with a fit that is casual yet meticulous in its layering and matching

Photos and Featured Image: ENHYPEN (Via Instagram)

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