EXCLUSIVE: First Filipino BVLGARI Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach Shows Us What Filipinos Can Do

EXCLUSIVE: First Filipino BVLGARI Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach Shows Us What Filipinos Can Do


From beauty queen to fashion maven, Pia Wurtzbach opens up about her BVGLARI journey, her favorite pieces, and how this ambassadorship is a dream come true

The moment she received the contract, sitting over lunch with her husband Jeremy Jauncy, marked the setting of a precious gemstone in Pia Wurtzbach’s crown in her life. “I froze when I got the message and saw the contract on my phone,” she recalls, her excitement discernible. Dreams, indeed, come true in the most unexpected ways. First, it’s like reaching for the stars, then they are within grasp—sometimes, in the form of becoming BVLGARI’s first Filipino House Ambassador.

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BVLGARI’s First Filipino ambassador Pia Wurtzbach

Her enthusiasm was evident as she breezed through the contract, her dreams materializing before her eyes. “I was so happy. Jeremy was also really excited for me. I was manifesting and waiting for this moment for a while,” she reveals. “And when it became real, I was like, I can’t believe this is actually happening, and to be the first one from the Philippines as well. I’m very grateful. I’m kilig, for sure.”

First Encounters Empowered by Elegance

Wurtzbach’s first experience with BVLGARI was an unplanned encounter that left a lasting impression. While casually shopping at Solaire, she found herself wandering through various stores, enjoying a leisurely afternoon. On a whim, she decided to step into the BVLGARI boutique. There was no grand event, no formal invitation—just a spontaneous moment driven by curiosity. Serendipity at best, even?

BVLGARI celebrated this achievement with a dinner in HAPAG

The power of the jewelry was undeniable. “I saw myself in the mirror, and I said, ‘These look so beautiful’. I only tried on one piece. But now that I’ve been working for them for quite a few months now, I had the privilege of trying on their other pieces. And every time I put it on, it just is a transformation that gives you a sense of power and confidence,” she exclaims. “It brings me to life.”

She recalls an organic, natural moment when she first tried on the Serpenti Viper necklace. “I walked in, tried the necklace on, and thought, ‘Wow, this is a dream.’ I wanted it in my collection because it brings joy and makes you feel confident,” Pia says.

Mark Bumgarner with Wurtzbach

Her connection with BVGLARI pieces goes beyond mere admiration. “If I wore this to an event or a special occasion, I know it’s going to be a standout piece,” she asserts, envisioning various outfits and occasions that would perfectly complement the jewelry. “Seeing trays of different jewelry and watches, having the privilege to try them all on—it felt like playing dress-up. I was a kid in a candy store”.

A Love Affair with Serpenti

Among BVLGARI’s extensive and exquisite collections, a specific line holds a special place in Wurtzbach’s heart. “Well, the Serpenti collections,” Pia answers. “I was drawn to it immediately when I first discovered the whole collection of BVLGARI.”

Chie Filomeno with Wurtzbach

The allure of the Serpenti pieces lies not just in their physical beauty, but in the story they tell. “You’re constantly reborn and you’re constantly changing and evolving. I really resonated with that,” she explains. Whether understated or bold, the Serpenti line offers something for everyone; for Wurtzbach, it represents personal transformation and empowerment.

New to the Scene

Reflecting on her recent accolades and experiences, Wurtzbach shares how her approach to fashion has evolved over the past year. “I’m still learning as I go,” she admits, emphasizing her ongoing education in the world of stitches and seams. Attending various fashion shows and events has been a fun yet beneficial experience. As she watches the collections and observes other talents, celebrities, and influencers with their peculiar styles, Wurtzbach is continuously inspired and enlightened.

Wurtzbach’s sister, Sarah Wurtzbach

One discovery that has surprised her is her preference for neutral tones and monochrome outfits. “I’m not a huge fan of color,” she confesses, despite the common perception that colors dominate the fashion scene with trends as pronounced as a bouncy skirt and as bold as sheer. She is continually drawn to black, which she dresses up with accessories like jewelry and watches to create an enhancement of chic.

LA Aguinaldo, Gabbi Garcia, and Max Collins attended the celebration

As BVLGARI’s ambassador, Wurtzbach sparkles with excitement about the glittering opportunities ahead. The upcoming months are set to be a dazzling showcase of events and activities. She’ll be the gem of trunk shows around the world, shine at high jewelry gatherings, and glimmer at watch-focused soirées. With cover shoots planned both in the Philippines and abroad, she will be a radiant presence. Essentially, whenever Bvlgari hosts an event in Southeast Asia or Europe, she’ll be there, the crown jewel in their glamorous lineup.

Breaking Barriers, Building BVLGARI

Pia’s partnership with Bvlgari isn’t just about jewelry and glamour—it’s about empowerment and breaking barriers. “My life has been an open book,” she reflects. “Becoming an ambassador has been a journey seen by many over the past year or two. I want people to see that these dreams are possible, even for Filipinos. You just have to try, trust, and believe.”

Pia Wurtzbach asserts the world is looking at Filipinos now

As she represents her country at events like the Cannes Film Festival and fashion weeks worldwide, Pia feels a deep pride. “I hope it inspires more Filipinos to dream big and believe we deserve these opportunities,” she says passionately. “The world is our oyster, and I want people to see that. Even though some may think luxury brands are out of reach, they’re looking at Filipinos. They’re looking at us now. Let’s show them what Filipinos can do.”

Photos and Featured Image: BVLGARI
Photographed by PAUL PAREDES
Special thanks to JESHA ABAD

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