EXCLUSIVE: G22 Explores Their Softer and Sweeter Side With One Sided Love 

EXCLUSIVE: G22 Explores Their Softer and Sweeter Side With One Sided Love 


Bold and brave moves don’t always mean tough sounds and hardcore dances. For G22, their courage of exploration comes with a sweeter music flavor

First, they enter the P-Pop scene with a “Bang”; then they launch “Boomerang.” Their latest single circles back to how we know them best—fierce and forward with their declaration. But before G22 proclaimed “I Hate Boys,” the Female Alphas—AJ, Alfea, and Jaz—realized the complexities of a “One Sided Love.” 

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The Female Alpha DNA

While going beyond their girl crush concept is nothing new to the girl group, their second to the latest single offers their most delicate beat yet. Lyric wise, the persona declares that she is a willing accomplice, ready to be a martyr for love. Who said being a female alpha didn’t include being a fool? 

“At first, we were kind of hesitant going into this kind of direction,” the trio’s leader, AJ, admits. “Sobrang layo niya to how G22 normally is. But naisip namin, it’s still G22 pero the backstory of it. How we came to be. We were hurt, we were in pain. That’s why we became stronger.” Bullets, their fanbase, can think of “One Sided Love” as the prelude that led to their punchy, hard-hitting tracks. 

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta
For G22’s leader, AJ Yape, being involved in the creative process is important for an artist

The road to transitioning their sound, however, is more than just a sonic exploration. When a group decides to experiment with their vision, the visuals are part of the package. As main visual Alfea notes,  “Madalas ‘pag nagpe-perform kami, medyo hirap kami ng maghanap ng parts kung saan kami nakangiti.”

“The vocals and technique, the way we sing the song, the way we’re performing—it’s quite different,” Jaz, the main vocalist, notes. “It’s a whole different chapter of learning, but we want to keep experimenting and doing this. You know when you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing. And that’s great.” 

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta
Jaz, the group’s main vocalist, finds G22’s transition as a hopeful one

The Sound of a Trio

According to Alfea, they received an initial recording as their guide to the first demo. Then, she found the need to write additional lyrics to the song. Expounding their active participation in each release, AJ explains, “When it comes talaga to our contribution, as much as possible, we really want to put ourselves through the whole process of songwriting, production, everything.” 

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta
Switching up their looks for “One Sided Love” is part of their new concept

“Even if the song is bigay, like  “Boomerang,” we still make adjustments. We add our own story, we add our own G22 touch,” affirms Jaz. “More recently, pinlano namin how we’re going into this new direction. After a while, we went to this enthusiastically. We came forward. We were looking for something fun, something delicate. It’s perfect with ‘One Sided Love.’”

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta

After years of training and debuting together in 2022, AJ, Alfea, and Jaz have witnessed each other’s evolution as artists. Along with their collective creativity as G22, they turn to each other for inspiration and advice on their individual growth as well. “We ask each other for advice, “ Alfea opens up. Jaz nods in agreement. “The advantage of being in a group is that we can always ask each other for very honest opinions. It’s not like someone can throw a tantrum and leave. We respect each other. Helping each other and having those opinions are really, really important.” 

Their Mindful Artistry

It is no surprise to MEGA Entertainment that in the subject of responsibility as an idol and of their supporters, or Bullets as they are called, G22 has a definite stance. AJ, beginning the conversation on this, stresses the importance of creative freedom for their line of work as artists. “If you box yourself with certain rules, hindi ka mag-grow as an artist and even in the industry. You will not grow personally din. Freedom and creativity as an artist? Those are important things.” 

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta
After their sweet single, G22 also released their next track, “I Hate Boys”

Artistic freedom, for Jaz, is not just about using one’s voice to sing their next best single. It means speaking up for their advocacies. “If an artist doesn’t have that freedom, it takes away the beauty of it. Having creative freedom is really great because fans, followers, and whoever else is listening, kahit isa or one hundred percent, it’s special because you get to directly speak up about advocacies.” 

G22 girl group cornerstone AJ Yape Jaz Henry Alfea Zulueta
One thing’s for sure—G22 is ready to explore more concepts and styles together as a group

Concluding the interview with a reminder for their Bullets, G22’s leader says, “We’re grateful for having them, but we also have to set our boundaries for our own emotions. One phrase or word can affect a lot of people and things.” 

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